Happy Sunday beautifuls!

I apologize for not being able to write and publish on albalsamlife.com for a long time now; it is mainly due to my extremely busy schedule with starting my second year of university and moving to a new apartment. I would like to take this chance to thank all of the guest bloggers who helped me maintain my blog/site active throughout my busy period, however I promise I will be more active in the upcoming days!

As requested by a few readers, today I want to share with you my recent fashion favorites for my favorite season of the year: FALL! 

I have always loved fall fashion, and being an Arab living in Oman it has always been difficult to dress for the fall season since it is always hot back home, therefore I am taking every chance I get to dress for the season while living in Europe :)

You can find pictures of items from my own personal wardrobe above! and if you want further detailed description of each product, clothing item, etc. you can continue reading to get styling tips and where to find each piece!

Leopard Print

Mango leopard printed chiffon shirt

Mango leopard printed chiffon shirt, paired with a DKNY purse.

Another purchase from Mango! paired here with a gorgeous purse by DKNY of similar earthy tone. Leopard prints remain a favorite of mine, especially in shirts. 

Leopard printed skirts are also a big hit this season, you can get one here!! and here :D

The over-sized blazer - in WHITE!

Same Mango leopard shirt worn with the 'Jaguar' jacket by super trash

'Jaguar' jacket by super trash closed

Golden buttons of the 'Jaguar' jacket by super trash

I am absolutely in love with oversized blazers, especially this white oversized blazer/jacket with golden buttons that I bought from super trash! You can find it online at http://www.supertrash.com if you're interested.

It can be worn with pretty much anything. I personally like to wear it with fitted pencil skirts, all black outfits, and dresses. There is a black version of this jacket available, which was honestly what I wanted to buy first but now I am glad I managed to get the white one!

Geometric crape

Geometric cape from Marks and Spencer's.

Geometric prints have been a hot trend during summer, and because I feel like I didn't get the chance to experiment with it during summer, I wanted to implement it onto my favorite fall trends.

I found an old cape that I purchased approximately two years ago - but never got the chance to wear it :( - and I noticed t had a gorgeous geometric print of basic black and earthy toned stripes. This kind of capes should be worn with low key pants or stockings. Gorgeous.

Plaid Dresses

Mango plaid dress

I admit that plaid textures are not a favorite of mine, however this season I am really into plaid dresses and jackets! I am loving this plaid grey dress - shown above - that I purchased from Mango a while ago, but never wore until this Fall. It has slightly longer sleeves, making it suitable for the colder fall weather, and its length is also appropriate yet sexy.

Grey tones are also a big fall trend witnessed from the runway!

What are your favorite fall trends this year?