I recently paid a visit to Al Jebel Al Akhdar in Oman - translates to 'The Green Mountain' - which is very well known in this area and remains a popular destination for all tourists visiting the Sultanate. I remember visiting the mountain as a child, and I was thrilled by the mountain road and found it rather scary. Now that I am an adult, I longed to go back there and spend some quality time with my family.

I was amazed by how beautiful everything looked like, the history of the place is significant to all Omanis, the culture and hospitality of the people there is also very impressive. I found it rather sad to spend very little time there this year, however, I have summed up a few things that I think are important to do in Jebel Akhdar - especially for those who have very little time!

Quick Fashion Tip: Never go there with high heels, opt for comfort, and enjoy the views :) ... The weather there is colder than the rest of Oman, so if you visit in the winter time make sure you pack a few layers. Summertime on the other hand is known there for gorgeous weather, not too much heat. Go waterproof if you choose to wear makeup, it does tend to rain more often there than other parts of the country.

As for my highest recommended things to do:

1. Try out their fruits!

Trust me when I tell you ... Pomegranates, Olives and grapes are most delicious in jebel Akhdar! They have pomegranate and olive trees everywhere *literally, everywhere* and they taste heavenly, especially the pomegranate. Olives of course are not edible when taken from the tree (I tried one and I got a burn from how sour it was!). 

2. Visit the old villages

Along with the fabulous views of the mountains and stone landscape, old villages are also an necessity when visiting Jebel Akhdar in Oman. They are located in between the mountain series and hold several old houses that were once - and some still are - inhabited by Omanis.

3. Damask roses (special from March to May)

Jebel Akhdar holds Oman's famous Damask roses that usually bloom from March to Mat every year, and are used for Omani rose water, perfumes and fragrances, and even for medical purposes! The roses are beautiful to look at, making them a highly recommended thing to see when visiting Jebel Akhdar - too bad they only bloom at a certain time of the year :'(