Ethnic wear is the popular choice of clothing for Indian working women. There is something so special about Indian style of clothing that you can wear it for any occasion. Most importantly, it gives you the comfort and flexibility to carry on with your routine while looking modest and classy.

Right from a young age, Indian girls begin wearing cotton kurtis. It’s the ideal college wear when you combine it with jeans or leggings. The kurti is designed to deal with the ruggedness of crowded trains and buses. While wearing a t-shirt will make you look under dressed and wearing a dress will probably be a little too much, you can never go wrong with a kurti. It’s the popular choice for interviews as well. Many find formal shirts uncomfortable as the crease easily but wearing a kurti will give you the confidence to be yourself and yet look distinguished at an interview.

Working women might prefer going a little bit more ethinic, probably adorning a salwaar kameez or a saree but a kurti works just as well. Cotton is a preferred choice for daily wear as it is absorbent and airy keeping you most comfortable. If you are of the opinion that cotton is too casual, think again. Check out the latest designer kurtis on When it comes to being creative, they are the experts. They focus on the details of the neckline which you must admit is the most important element of any kurti. They have it all, from Chinese collars, V-shape, boat neck, princess cut to some completely new designs which you have to see to believe.

A well embroidered kurti can completely change your look from casual to formal. Get the best hand crafted embroidered kurtis on this site. You can also find georgette kurtis with mirror work for a more shimmering look. When you are shopping for a kurti, it’s also important to choose the right colours. With everyone around you wearing Indian wear it is necessary to find a bold colour that stands out and looks graceful. The most popular choice for ethnic wear would have to be blues, greens, yellows and reds. They are vibrant colours that look good on Indian skin tones and also bring out the details of the garment. When shopping for daily wear stick with lighter tones but if you are looking out for party wear try darker shades. Experiment with black kurtis embellished in gold embroidery or a bottle green kurta with copper motifs for an edgier look.

Ethnic wear in India is going through a transformation. Designers are using newer fabrics like lace and net even in kurtas. If you are bored with the usual kurti designs get wacky with asymmetrical designs that are very feminine and fit for a special occasion. Never seen these designs before? That’s because you haven’t shopped at Zohraa. It’s all available for you at the click of the mouse. Shop online and add that extra spice to your wardrobe at a price you can afford.