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I admire how celebrities play with their looks whenever they go out in the streets. Some are hits, some are off the target. But I love the way they match a dress with sneakers – it’s always a bull’s eye for me. I selected five of my most favorite look that I know you will love to steal too! Check out my collection below on how to rock a dress with sneakers.

1. The Printed Dress and Blazer

The fearless fashionista will not hesitate to mix and match printed outfits like an animal-print blazer with a gray floral dress. A black tote bag balances the prints while the black Converse sneakers made this outfit a fun and stylish combo. You can cop this look to make commuting to work more comfortable as you will wear sneakers from home and change into your high-heels when you arrive at the office.


2. The Floral Dress and Denim Vest

I like the effect of combining a denim vest, floral dress, and red Converse sneakers as they convey youthful elegance that is very refreshing. Colorful sneakers are fashion statement pieces that a confident and fashion-forward woman should have in her closet. I like to experiment with clothing combination and sneakers are one of my favorites. I want to share my shopping secret: I use coupons like Converse coupon code 2014 to get discounts on great sneakers.

3. The Stripe Dress and Denim Jacket

This chic combo of stripe mini-dress and denim jacket will look great on any woman to wear. It has a sporty yet feminine appeal to it that I know you will like. The cool sneakers worked perfectly with this ensemble.


4. The Maxi Dress

Who says that a sexy maxi dress will not look good with sneakers? Well, it looks hot to me! Wearing white Converse sneakers with a maxi dress when walking the street is a smart yet fashionable way of showing your impeccable taste in dressing. Don’t worry about the cost of assembling this look as Converse coupon codes will help you save money on sneakers.


5. Little Black Dress

Oh, I love how studded Converse sneakers have transformed this classic, formal dress in to a street style one! Now I can wear my Little Black Dress from the street to the party by just changing my shoes. How versatile! I know you will definitely dig this look – I do!


Author Bio: Jane Hudson is a freelance writer who is passionate about fashion . Visit here at Coupon4share.com or her G+

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