Curvy is definitely the new sexy. Ever since celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif, Vidhya Balan and Kareena Kapoor refused to succumb to media pressure to look stick thin, curvy came back in style. Internationally too celebs like Mindy Lahiri and Kim Kardashian have rocked every look in the book possible with their amazing curves. Women become extraordinary women and style icons when they embrace who they are, flaws et al and still feel proud, comfortable and totally confident in their own skin.

Self-confidence will always be the best accessory you can walk out of the door with; no matter how skinny or curvy you are. If you are a gorgeous, curvy woman, who is wondering how to look fabulous in traditional, Indian clothes, then the first thing you need to do is be fully comfortable with your body type. It is ok have the occasional bad day or feelings of insecurity, but as long as you love your body, you can totally rock traditional outfits like anarkali salwar suits and pretty lehengas.

Here is how:

  1.       If you are a tall curvy girl, then a fabulous, full anarkali salwar suit will look great on you. You can go with a suit that has medium flare, some delicate work on the neck and the sleeves and a thick and heavy border. The dupatta too can have some border work. If you are a petite curvy girl, then you can opt for a medium length anarkali salwar suit, so that it doesn’t make you look too short. You can go for light work in the neck area and a medium size border with work.
  2.     When it comes to lehengas, curvy women may a feel a little more self-conscious. If you are not totally confident about showing your midriff, then go for a longer choli that ends just above the navel. Also, with clever draping you can show parts of your midriff, without it making you feel uncomfortable.
  3.     Sarees definitely look most fabulous on curvy girls. A well-draped saree can make a curvy woman look tall and slender and oh-so-feminine. While choosing the blouse of the saree, go for sleeves that are slightly longer than cap sleeves. Really long sleeves with a heavy saree may not do much for your figure.
  4.      While dressing up in Indian clothes, make sure to highlight your best features. It could be a slightly open back or a strappy choli to highlight the collar bones. Work with what you have and walk with your head held high!
  5.    Dressing up has a lot to do with picking the right ensemble for the right occasion. Keeping the crowd in mind and knowing what kind of an evening it is going be is very important, if you want to make a style statement and have fun at the same time. An outfit that makes you too self-conscious or uncomfortable at a dinner party should not be chosen, regardless of how expensive or stylish it is. If you know that moving around in a buffet or dancing at a cocktail party are going to be mighty difficult if you are wearing a highly uncomfortable dupatta, then by all means exclude it.
  6.      High heels and statement jewellery can really help you lift your entire look. Curvy women should opt for wedges or kitten heels with Indian clothes, instead of flats; they can even opt for a clutch or a small bag with a wrist handle to keep the essentials.

An Anarkali salwar suit definitely remain the safest and most stylish choice for curvy women and above article has been contributed by