Dressing Up Your Casual Items for Work

More and more offices are making the change from formal attire to more casual dress codes. Working women everywhere are rejoicing and getting excited about it, but working in a casual office is not always as easy as it may seem. You need to be careful to stay within the bounds of what is appropriate.
Women in the office have a lot of freedom and also restrictions when it comes to the way they can dress. You need to be taken seriously and set yourself up to move forward in your career, but you also have the opportunity to be trendy and fashion forward in your work attire. Finding ways to dress up your casual clothing can be the perfect way to find this balance. Here are some tips for dressing your casual items up for work.

Follow celebrity trends for ideas

Celebrities today like Jennifer Aniston have proved that even as women age they can still be trendy, fashionable and beautiful. Don’t be afraid to take some style risks and dress like the style icons that you see on TV. When you feel like your look is getting a little boring or redundant, just pick up a fashion magazine and look for a little inspiration. Many magazines will even feature less expansive versions of celebrities’ high-prices looks, so you can get the outfit on your budget.

Wear structured and tailored pieces

The best way to look professional in casual attire is to make sure that every single piece fits you perfectly. This all starts with having the right lingerie and a great fitting bra. When you buy pieces, make sure that they either fit you really well or can be altered to fit you really well. Little fixes like hemming sleeves that are too long are easy and inexpensive to do and make a big difference in the look that you present when you go to work.

Make it pop with accessories

Any outfit can be dressed up with the right accessories. Adding things like statement necklaces, high heeled shoes and scarves can take a plain T-shirt and jeans from boring to stylish. A great look for summer is colored cropped pants with a graphic T-shirt and a colorful scarf. Play with the different accessories in your closet to make every outfit sparkle and shine more.

Know your schedule and dress accordingly

Most offices that allow casual dress codes vary from day to day. You might have different tasks to complete each day that require a different form of dress. For example, on days that you spend cleaning out your desk and clearing your inbox, you can dress down a little, but if you have a meeting planned or are going out of the office to meet with clients, you should dress up more. Use your schedule to plan what you will wear every day so that you can be dressed comfortably and appropriately.

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