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As all women know, buying a pair of jeans is not as easy as, say, buying a shirt. They have to be perfect or else, you will look all kinds of ridiculous in them. We have all had the experience of going through one store after another looking for that perfect pair of jeans. It takes so long and you are literally bone tired when you finally find that perfect one.

So if buying from physical stores where you can try them out first is this challenging, how can you possibly buy jeans online? There are various online stores offering great quality wholesale fashion jeans online. They are also very affordable so you should not shy away from getting a pair or two because you are afraid they won’t fit when they get to you. All you need to know is:

The style of jeans you want

This is primarily determined by your body type, more than you preference. What looks good on another woman may not be the best style for you. So, one question to ask yourself is do you want a low rise, below the waist or at the waist pair of jeans? Generally, if you have a larger backside, you may want to stay away from jeans that are below the waist (for obvious reasons) but if you are petite, you can get away with that.

The next thing is the kind of fit you would like: Boot cut, straight leg, loose fit, flare leg, tapered leg, skinny-and the list goes on. This, again, will be determined by your body type and the look you are trying to achieve. Flare leg, for instance, is quite the throwback look reminiscent of the 70s while skinny jeans are a very modern look.

Finally, you need to consider the style. Do you want a solid colour, sand blasted, acid washed, torn jeans, embroidered, etc? Your body type may affect this somewhat, for instance, ladies with long legs may want some fading to make the legs appear a little shorter while petite women may prefer a solid color to elongate the legs. Ultimately, though, the style should be based on your personality.

The perfect fit

Hopefully you already have a favorite pair of jeans that you can use as the measure for the next pair you are getting online. Get a tape measure and measure the following (all in inches):

  • Waist
  • Rise (from the crotch seam to the waist over the zipper)
  • Inseam (inside the leg)
  • Hips, thigh, knee, calf and opening can also be measured just to be precise

You need to ask about all these measurements before you make the purchase just in case they are not already listed with the item. Do not simply rely on the fact that it is your size; always look at your measurements. You can then select your favorite brand of jeans and start shopping.

And that’s how you get the perfect pair of jeans online!