It pains me to have to write this blog post today, but I feel like enough is enough.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to the movies with my sisters for a fun ladies night out, only to have my feelings completely stirred to the negative when an ignorant somebody decided to disturb and harass me. I personally would not like to go into the detail of the experience that I went through, because that is not the main focus of this at all...

I would like to take the chance of being able to speak and put a message across on my blog and really put the focus on the issue of street harassment aimed towards women in every single day!

I sadly had to experience street harassment which varies from cat calling, following and all the way to extremes that I do not wish to discuss, in the streets of Muscat, Oman as an Omani woman. I find it extremely disrespectful for men to feel like they have the power to comment on how a woman looks, regardless of the way she is dressing. Full stop.

Please take the time to watch the video above, with an open mind.

With love,

Balsam Xo