Hi everyone, I am Sarah Henderson. I would like to present you with an article I created with infographic, Balsam has kindly let me do this guest publication for you all. If you would like to see more and visit me, you can do so over at iHealthMarket blog. You can also see my latest article here.

Makeup has been around for many years now, in fact thousands of years, since the start of time. It does change us in many ways and makes us feel and look amazing. I never started wearing it myself until I was around 20 years of age, this was due to me being a tomboy! I was always the one running around with the lads getting muddy and dirty, I joined Cadets and went on midnight gun battles with the opposing team!

Being older now, I do realize makeup is pretty important in a girls life. As I lost many years of learning techniques for shadow/Smokey eyes and more, I decided to start from ground zero, this is why I have prepared this fantastic infographic for you, to show you all how makeup changes us and why it is so important in our lives.

It not only changes us physically but mentally more than anything, if we feel good and look good then our confidence goes through the roof! There are so many different techniques on applying it and so many different looks to take in, people have even gone as far as making up their own styles to run with. I would absolutely love to hear off you all about your own unique styles, if any of you bloggers are also interested in doing a write up with pictures I would be happy to place it on my blog over at iHealthMarket for all the readers to see and enjoy.