Rasheeda Haddish - the blogger behind the popular 'Honorary Omani' answered a few questions about her travel experiences and life in Oman, exclusively for albalsamlife.com!

I am such a big fan of Rasheeda's blog 'Honorary Omani' - make sure you check it out I highly recommend it for all of you who are curious about life here in Oman, or travel in general :)

Q1. First of all, I really love your blog and as an Omani I feel honored that you are such a big fan of our country. I’d like to thank you for dedicating a blog for Oman, and for finding the time to manage it.  Can you please give a little introduction to yourself and ‘Honorary Omani’ for readers who are not familiar with your blog, and explain the main motive behind starting ‘Honorary Omani’?

Thank you for your kind words. Well, my name is Rasheeda Haddish and I’m an American from California. ‘Honorary Omani’ is my blog where I blog about my Omani experiences in and outside of Oman ranging from Omani clothing to Omani food. I started my blog because I wanted others to fall in love with Oman the way I did.

Q2.  We both share love and passion for travelling and exploring. I’d love to know what would be your most recommended destination for someone visiting Oman. Or even for those residing in Oman? 

My most recommended destination in Oman would be Jebel Al Akhdar. It is by far the most beautiful mountain range I have ever come across in my life, it really is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s great for foreigners to visit it showcases the natural beauty of Oman and it’s also good for locals because it’s a lot cooler up in the mountains than in most of the wilayats of Oman. 

Q3.  What are your favorite places to go to outside of Oman? And why?

My favorite places to go to outside of Oman are London, United Kingdom & Harar, Ethiopia. They’re my favorite places for various reasons, but one reason is because I find them both to be such relaxing cities.

Q4. I always admire those who are willing to travel and see the world with an open mind, and I find that you have done exactly that in my homeland Oman. To me, the joy of travelling is centered on the idea of learning from the many beautiful souls around the world, and broadening the mind to accept different cultures and experience ‘once in a lifetime’ moments. What would be Rasheeda’s goals when travelling? And what kind of things do you like to learn from your travel experiences?

I don’t really have specific goals when it comes to traveling. But each time I travel anywhere, I try to learn as much as I possibly can about the culture of the place I’m exploring. I love learning about people’s cultures and immersing myself it them, it’s really fascinating and the best learning tool in any new place. 

Q5.  I see that you have recently – May 2014 – shot a few photographs with Photographer Amina Al-Bakri featuring traditional Omani clothes and jewelry. I personally loved those photographs, and thought you looked beautiful. Can you tell us how it was like to be stepping into the traditional Omani clothing? And was it your first time?

Thank you very much for the compliment. I absolutely love dressing up in traditional Omani clothing, especially Dhofari clothing, so it wasn’t my first time wearing traditional Omani clothing, I actually collect Dhofari dresses. Getting to dress up in a traditional Muscati outfit and having a photo-shoot was a lot of fun, especially since Amina is a great person and has such a passion for photography. 

Q6.  Since AlBalsamLife.com is a fashion based blog, it would be nice if you could share with us your most memorable fashion moments here in Oman, or any fashion items that left quite an impression to you while living here in Oman – traditional or modern.

My most memorable fashion moment in Oman took place on my first trip to Oman where I discovered the Dhofari frankincense stalls right outside Muttrah souq. Some of the women there sell traditional Dhofari bridal dresses and there was one that I completely fell in love with! Once I tried it on, I felt like a princess and knew I had to get it, and that is exactly what I did! I am still crazy in love with the dress that I really think I might wear it for my future wedding, because it’s just that beautiful! 

I would like to finally thank Rasheeda for her time, and wish her best of luck with her blog Xo