Happy Friday beautiful people :]

Today, I decided to share with you my new skin care routine that REALLY transformed my skin into a much better condition - by better condition I mean almost blemish free, and super radiant - within 2 WEEKS!! Yes, only 2 weeks.

I have been suffering from blemishes, and subtle spots - mild, not anything major or outta control - for the last couple of months and I found it difficult to have self confidence when people started to point out my skin problems. However, I recalled one of the best advises that anybody has ever given me about skin care which was: "a big percentage of healing and fixing your skin problems goes to the psychological aspect. Learn to embrace your skin first, then work on fixing it". That is exactly what I did. *Plus buying a few Chanel products*

So yes, my first advice for all of you ladies trying to get the perfect skin is to try to control your feelings towards it. Learn to accept your skin problems, then try to fix it and you MUST stay consistent. I will share with you my recommendations and things that I have tried in the past few weeks that really transformed my skin into the better.

Please note that this post is entirely written and personally recommended by me, it is not a product review or a sponsored post. The routine that I will share today is something I truly recommend, and I am not getting paid for it. I have personally purchased all the items myself.

In addition to the usual things I do for my skin *such as using the advanced night repair serum by Estee Lauder available here, and sticking to the usual skin care routine (cleansing, moisturizing and toning)* I have added or started using the following:

1. Chanel - Precision Gel Purete Foaming Gel Cleanser - available here
Precision Gel Purete Foaming Cleanser by Chanel
Precision Gel Purete Foaming Gel Cleanser by Chanel
I replaced my old cleanser with this Gel Purete cleanser by Chanel. It purifies and is an anti pollution cleanser, which gives a very refreshing clean feeling post use.

2. Chanel Weekend Kit
Chanel 'Le Jour', 'La Nuit' and 'Le Weekend'
Chanel 'Le Jour', 'La Nuit' and 'Le Weekend'
This kit is an absolute life savor! I am obsessed with the kit and the results that it promises & it really GIVES!! 

The kit basically consists of three products, one for the morning 'Le jour' and one for the night 'La Nuit' and one for the weekend! I personally use all three products during the weekend only, although my sister disagrees and believes that only the weekend product should be used on the weekend. I am not a Chanel consultant so I don't really know, however I did manage to get WONDERFUL results by only using it on the weekends. Here's what you have to do:

You have to cleanse your face and use these Chanel products (morning or evening as specified) directly after cleansing your face and before continuing with your regular morning or evening skin care routines. As for the weekend product, you only use it once a week (most likely on a weekend) and you use it separately alone after cleansing. You must wear sun protection if you are using this kit to get the best results and to repair your skin. As for the weekend product, it is best to use it when you know you are not going to leave your house. 

What I love the most about this kit is that it really gives what it promises to give! which is a soft, purified and radiant perfect skin! In such a short period of time. Some of my friends noticed the change in only one week (which means only after a single use!) and I swear that by the second week my skin felt so much better and was almost at the perfect stage that I desire it to be. I felt like it was glowing, softer, and much more healthy.

Another good thing about this kit is that it can be used alongside your regular skin care routine, so you do not need to completely alter your regular regimen that you are used to. You can also use any other brands with it, all that this kit is designed to do is to repair your skin and to bring it back to the healthy state.

In the end, of course I also advise you all to follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise and drink lots of water! stay moisturized especially in this summer heat Xo