Skin-care habits you MUST avoid - Source:

Skin-care habits you MUST avoid - Source:

This is a post that has been on my mind for quite some time now. I notice several bad skin care habits done by the majority of my friends! and I cannot help but point out these habits that you can get into, which result in really ruining your skin. As part of the 'Get The Perfect Skin' blog series on (click here to see the first post featuring the 3 basic skin care steps!), I finally found the time to share with you the habits that can ruin your skin, especially habits that I have had horrible experience from!

1. Avoid over-cleansing. 

This habit is especially bad for those with dry skin - like myself. I notice that my skin breaks out much more when I over-cleanse it, making it super dry and more prone for breakouts. As much as I like to promote healthy skin cleansing (usually morning and evening so twice per day), I am absolutely against over-cleansing. If you are noticing that your skin is becoming too dry when cleansing, then cut down the number of times you cleanse per day, or maybe it is a sign that you should switch to another cleanser. Additionally, don't forget one of the most vital steps of skin care: MOISTURIZE!

2. Stop Blasting the Pimples

If there is skin care sins, this would be the most deadly sin ever! I notice sooo many of my friends doing this with the hopes of getting rid of pimples fast. Trust me: THIS DOES NOT WORK! Wait, your skin will hopefully heal itself. If not, then go ahead an try a cleanser with some salicylic acid (according to allure magazine). Also again, do not forget to moisturize. A big mistake some women make is skipping moisturizing the skin when they realize they have a breakout. This is wrong on all levels, and my advice is to never skip the moisturizing step.

3. Not washing your makeup off before you sleep

I admit that I am guilty of doing this habit once! and I hated myself when I woke up. I felt as if I tortured my skin, and that is exactly what I did.

During your sleep, your skin takes this time to renew itself and by not washing your makeup off at night you are preventing your skin from doing that! ... take off the makeup, and get enough sleep.