Cover of 'Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's little lessons for making it work'

You may recall a previous blog post that I have written which was dedicated for Tim Gunn's 60th birthday - which even landed a place on Independen Fashion Bloggers Links a la mode weekly roundup!! whohoo. 

Tim Gunn continues to affect my view on the fashion industry and fashion design in general, and I always love to see what he has to offer when it comes to advice. His opinion is extremely valued int he world of fashion, and I honestly do consider him one of the most influential fashion figures, and I am sure that I am not the only one. He is best known for his role as a mentor in 'Project Runway' in which he gained success and more attention.

My sister purchased Tim Gunn's 'Gunn's Golden Rules' book and I borrowed it to read, since I am such a big fan of Mr. Gunn! I really got into the book from the moment I opened and started reading the very first page. The book really does contain rules for living life as a human being that are made of gold! good manners, etiquette tips, and rules that get you through on the high road.

What I love the most about this book is that Tim Gunn makes it personal by interpreting several stories from his personal life and professional life in the fashion industry to put across his point. This makes it easier to understand and paint a picture of the advice which he tries to give to the reader. Additionally, as a person interested in breaking into the fashion industry, I found the book rather inspiring and extremely helpful. This is because Gunn focuses on good manners and making it work with class, which is something that many people lack these days, especially in an industry that is as cruel as fashion.

I am currently a little bit more than half way on the book, and so far here is my two favorite rules that Tim Gunn presented and swears by:

'Niceties are Nice' 

In this Rule, Tim Gunn promotes 'old fashioned' acts of politeness and hopes to see people simply being 'nice' to each other. He begins this chapter with mentioning 'Chivalry', which is defined as the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak. 

These basic forms of 'niceties' seem to be lacking the society according to Mr. Gunn. It made me rethink how I live my day to day life, and focus on being a little bit more 'nice' to people around me, even those that I do not know or do not affect me in any way.

Nice can go a long way :) Give compliments, and stay polite, don't get caught up in the moment of anger.

'Take the High Road'

I am fully aware that taking the high road is not always the easiest option, however, it is the best option most of the time. 

Gunn also enforces the idea of not giving up your rights as a human being or as an individual living among a society, but taking the high road includes dealing with issues in a polite manner, never disrespecting anybody around you.

In the end, I find that this book is not only great for those trying to get into the fashion industry in a 'polite' way, but it helped my significantly in realizing the actions I should take and some moral acts that I should consider when stepping out to the rest of the world. 

"Make it work" - Tim Gunn

Quote from 'Gunn's Golden Rules'