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Concealers are one of the most debated and highly requested beauty products, and they are the main focus of 70% of the questions that I receive from blog readers, friends and relatives. 

For those of you who are no familiar with concealers, they are basically makeup products that are used to conceal dark circles, blemishes or any unwanted discoloration. They come in several shades and can be applied with certain brushes or even finger tips!

There are hundreds or concealers from several drugstore and high end makeup brands, and it can be slightly confusing to figure out which one fits your skin type and tone. It took me several years to finally settle with concealers that I cannot part from! 

This post will be based on my personal concealer favorites, and I will give you guys links for those of you who are interested in purchasing them and trying them out :)

1. Clarins Instant Light brush on Perfecter - Click here to purchase!

Clarins instant light brush-on perfector

This concealer is literally my best friend! I cannot leave the house without a brush of this concealer. I love the texture, and I love love love the coverage that it gives to my under-eye circles. 

This concealer is my go-to under-eye concealer, and ever since I started using it I couldn't ever find a better product for my under-eye circles. I highly recommend it for under-eye concealing. Additionally, it also works for blemishes and evening out the eye crease area. This concealer does a great job for daily use! I wear it almost every single day to university, and when I go out with my friends :)

It works well with the clarins instant light perfecting base - available here - if you want more coverage. Use the perfecting base alone if you do not need much coverage.

Clarins instant light perfecting base

2. M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer - Click here to purchase!

M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer
This is one of the very first concealers that I have tried, and I still use it to this very day. I personally do not recommend this concealer for under-eye circles or discoloration, however, I have had friends who liked using this for covering blemishes (which is great if you find it in the perfect shade for you!) but it tends to crease when used for under the eyes. 

I personally like to use it for evening out my eye crease area before applying eye shadow, just like a primer.

3. Makeup Forever Lift Concealer - available in all Makeup Forever stores!

Makeup Forever Lift Concealer

As for concealers for high coverage and special occasions, and perfect for photographs, I strongly recommend the makeup forever lift concealer. Many celebrity makeup artists - including the Kardashian's very own Mario dedivanovic - use this concealer for many appearances and even photo shoots!

It is a great coverage concealer, however I wouldn't use it for daily use.