It's time to get back to school!

Many of us are going back to school today for a fresh new academic year. I wish all of you success and best of luck in your studies! I am going back to university next week, and I couldn't think of a better blog post than a 'back to school' fashion themed one :)

As much as I love to experiment with fashion picks during school, I know that it can get pretty annoying to be a fashion victim during school days, because I know we all hate to wake up super early and we hate to be in full makeup for a very long time. Therefore, instead of sharing with you guys style tips and fashion items that you could consider for school, I decided to share with you the complete opposite: Mistakes you should avoid when going back to school!

1. Fashion before comfort
I always make sure comfort goes first all the time when going to school - and I admit that it's probably the only time for me where fashion comes second. Make sure you dress comfortably so that you can concentrate well in class, without what I like to call 'Fashion distractions'.

2. High-heel nightmare
As much as I love wearing high-heels and although I think they can really make an outfit THAT much cuter, I do believe they are a no no for school. Again, I'd like to stress the point of comfort when going to school, and whoever tells you high-heels are comfortable is a liar :D

If you really feel more comfortable wearing higher heels, then you should go for those with a wedge heel or a big platform for more comfort. A thicker heel could also be an option.

3. Skip the foundation

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This one's more of a beauty mistake. I have always encouraged using tinted moisturizers or BB creams for day to day usage, especially for long usage such as going to work or school. This is mainly because the texture of foundation is usually thicker than that of the bb cream or tinted moisturizers. 

4. Jeans alternative?

Jeggings. Image source:
Ever since I started using jeggings, I always put them first before jeans. They are so comfortable and look exactly like normal jeans :D I think they're a great alternative to jeans, especially when going to school.

I have to ride a bike to university every single day, so wearing jeggings is certainly a better option for me.