Fall is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited to wear all the fall trends, since it is my absolute favorite time of the year when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. One thing I am super excited about is the hot beauty trends that are expected to be trendy this year's fall, so I decided to share with you guys my personal favorite makeup trends for 2014 Fall :)

Please check out the corresponding photographs above.

1. The metallic eye

1. The Metallic eye

The metallic eye was spotted in several Autumn/Winter shows including one of my favorites: Emperio Armani. I love the frosty feel it gives to the rest of the face, and with a metallic eye you pretty much have your statement made. Nothing else is often needed.

2. Bold lashes

2. Bold lashes

Long and bold lashes have always been a favorite of mine! I feel naked leaving the house without a good coating of Mascara. This fall, bold lashes and highlighting the lashes on the beauty look is very trendy.Yaaay :D

Versace and Saint Laurent were spotted with super bold lashes on their Autumn/Winter shows this year.

3. Bottom line it up! 

3. Bottom Line it up!

This is a trend that I recently tried out again myself! I love creating a smokey effect by applying bottom liner :) It creates a smokey eye very easily. 

I am loving those eye pencils by the Body Shop that have a dual brush - one to apply the liner, ad the other to smudge!

4. Glowing skin

4. Glowing skin
4. Glowing skin

Healthy skin glow with very little blush and good amount of highlighter will take you a long way this fall! just try it out :)

I personally like to use a highlighter by sheseido. It gives a very healthy looking glow to the skin.

5. Experiment with your liner

5. Experiment with your liner

This is a trend that has been hot this summer already, and it will continue for Fall :) don't be afraid to go bold with your liner, try out a colored one for a change ;)

6. Back to the 60's

6. 60's Inspired

I am such a big fan of Lana del Rey, and she is always seen rocking the perfect vintage 60's beauty looks! I would love to try out a 60's look this Fall.. I hope I'm up for it. Are you?