Hello beautiful people :]
Those who know me, will probably know how obsessed I am with vintage and retro fashion. I just love collecting vintage items, clothing, and I like to feel and be inspired by whats old school. I love vintage fashion, and I love it even more when I see that today's trends are very much similar to what was trending 40 - 80 years ago :D
Stars like Marilyn Monroe made vintage fashion even more dominant in our modern day, due to the many fans that tend to follow her foot steps when it comes to style and fashion items. 
I came across a fabulous website of a boutique - named DARCCY - based in London, UK which creates beautiful vintage fashion that I will feature in today's post :) I hope you all like it x
As for the trends that I am absolutely loving, and noticing that they actually belong to an older fashion era ... the list is pretty long (as I am a huge vintage fashion lover), but I will focus on what's hot in our modern day and what I personally love. Here it goes:

1. The Cropped Top

The cropped top made a tremendous comeback this year! the crop top trend was very popular in the 90's, and I believe it made a debut by the pop star Madonna in the 80's. 

2. Peplum it up!

All by DARCCY - click here to view items, and purchase online.
The peplum has been popular in the 1940's and 1980's, and it has made a comeback ever since 2012, and is still very popular today in 2014. 
What I noticed is that the peplum began with stripes, and many other colorful patterns, and were specifically popular in spring and summer. 
I found several peplum dresses and shirts and even a playsuit! from DARCCY, displayed above. I am in love with the pastel colors and how lace is also interpreted with the peplum cut. Oh, which brings me to the next point: LACE!

3. Lace
All by DARCCY - Available here for purchase online!

Lace and netted fabrics have been acknowledged by many archaeologists, stating that they date back to 2500 BC. The lace has been prioritized by many influential style icons as their favorite fabric style, and has been chosen to take part in several important fashion moments - not to mention that even Queen Victoria chose a lace white gown when she married Prince Albert.