Hello beautiful people :]

I feel obligated as a human being to share with you the following:

I have recently watched an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show that really touched my heart. The central theme of the episode was basically raising awareness on the social impact of several diseases that tend to affect the physical appearance of the victims - in this case - the children who were born with such rare conditions that inflamed bullying, and easy judgement towards them in their every day lives.
If you are interested, I placed the episode below at the end of the post.

Firstly, I have to admit that this topic is very dear to my heart, and tears cannot be held back while I type this . I have witnessed, in several occasions, such horrible scenes where the ignorance in people caused damage in the lives of others. It is the disease of ignorance that stimulates judgement and ability to feel superior and start calling other individuals names, and pointing out physical traits that are already visible and noticed by the victim. 

One thing that I am 100% sure of is that everybody is fully aware of their physical flaws and conditions, and it is not anybody's job to point out what is 'different' in others. Those children are probably fully aware that they are - and I hate to use this word - 'different' than others down the street, so why does it seem to be so important - to some people - to constantly remind them about that?

Speaking of my own personal experience, which is in no shape or form anywhere close to what those kids have to go through in their every day life: I have noticed, people like to point out each other's flaws, and find it extremely difficult to give compliments (for a very unknown reason). For a quick example, I can easily promise you that I cannot go a day without having a new pimple on my face and not being noticed by at least two people. Am I aware that I have a new pimple? Yes. Do I like to be reminded about it? No. Does it hurt to be told about it? Sometimes, yes.

Think about those who are born with such conditions that result in a much severe physical change. One cannot imagine how it is like unless they walk in their shoes. All I urge and hope in the world is to stop the judgement, and think before you speak. Words can kill, I've been killed several times by them. I do not wish for anybody - especially those children - to ever have to go through the pain of words from the society.

Broaden your minds, think more before you speak, and most importantly picture yourselves in their shoes. It is not easy, and harsh words will not make it any easier.

Please note that the example used in this post is not intended to be compared to the experiences of those children. It was just a quick example to be considered, just to see how difficult it must be for them. Additionally, I know that albalsamlife.com is a fashion based blog, which is an industry that is highly dependent on the physical traits of individuals, thus I thought it would be ethical to share it with my fan-base, with the hopes that the message gets carried across Xo