A brand that is 'driven by instinct', Lisa Tucci never fails to impress with the quality creations that the brand makes when it comes to shoes. Made of exquisite leather and fine materials, and most importantly 'instinct', shoes from Lisa Tucci offer a very unique feelings, distinguishing them from their competitors in the field.

I was thrilled when I received my own pair from Lisa Tucci few weeks ago. To tell the truth, before I received my own pair, I questioned myself: "will there ever be an event that I can wear such unique shoes?" and "how can I actually style them?", but those questions faded as soon as I laid eyes on my pair of shoes because I actually fell in love with them!

The packaging

I received the pair of shoes well packaged in the black box shown above. I liked how they are securely packaged, and the black box that came with the shoe actually looks great as a closet accessory ;)

The product

I am quite impressed with the shoes. The material at which it has been made is great quality, and what I noticed about the shoe is that it 'stands-up' perfectly straight! which is a sign that I always look for when purchasing leather goodies including purses and shoes!

The colors are very bold and fit for spring and summer, and will go well with summer outfits ranging from dresses and all white everything!! >> which I have been into quite recently.

The detail of the design is also fabulous, I have always been a fan of lace up ankle boots and this one incorporates it beautifully as it is simply one knot only. 

One other important thing: the heel of the shoe is extremely comfortable to walk in, due to its thickness - which is an important factor for choosing comfortable heels that you can actually wear over time!.

Overall, I think Lisa Tucci has done a great job since their launch that was over 25 years ago! They deliver unique sense of fashion with very high quality that I absolutely adored. Although their type of shoes are not an every day accessory, they are certainly worth having in a fashionista's closet. That what makes them on my must have list :)

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LISA TUCCI shoes are unique. They are a shoe that speaks to the emotions. A shoe that is designed with human engineering in mind-a comfortable shoe with an elegant sporty look. LISA TUCCI is always - DESIGNED BY INSTINCT.

with love,