Hello beautiful people :]

This is the first post of my blog's 2nd year! hahaha, yeah it's pretty much a big deal for me as I am thrilled about the fact that albalsamlife.com is finally one year old! 

Today's post is inspired by YOU guys! 

I noticed that most of the questions I receive are about skin care or hair  - both equally popular - and I totally understand. We all want a perfect skin, and we all wish to have a healthy, thick and long hair. Since I am currently focusing on renewing my skin, and maintaining a healthy skincare routine, I thought what better way to inspire myself to go back to the 'perfect' skin regimen than to write it down on albalsamlife.com and share it with all my readers, since I know that also most of you are in the chase to finding the perfect skin!

One thing I always like to stress in all sorts of remedies is: consistence is the key! You have to have patience, and stay consistent with any routine you do in order to see results.

The idea of this 'Get the Perfect Skin' blog post series is that I will share with you guys the basic skin care secrets and essentials in three posts with the hopes that you can benefit from them in order to maintain a good skincare routine! I always tell people that if you want to look good in makeup, you have to start from within, which means you need to work with your skin first in order to reflect that on your makeup! that's why having good skin is very important to me. Also, having a skin in good condition is the ultimate confidence booster for me.

Today, I will start with sharing the 3 basic steps that you have to include in your skincare - this post is mainly aimed towards those who are relatively beginners to the world of skincare and beauty. If you feel like you already know the 3 basis steps of Cleansing, Moisturizing and Toning, then by all means feel free to skip this post.

Step 1: Cleansing

Cleansing your skin is probably the most important step in the world of skincare. I always like to stress on cleansing the face both day and night, this is because at the end of the day your skin has probably picked up several toxins, impurities, excess oils, etc. that needs to be removed by cleansing your face at night. As for morning cleansing, it is also vital because your skin 'refreshes' itself during the night and can produce eliminated toxins that must be removed in the morning.

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Step 2: Moisturizing 

Water in general is a very important factor in determining one's health, as the body is made of 70% water. The skin also has high requirement for water, and a moisturized skin means healthy skin. Dryness in the skin is the ultimate 'welcome sign' for wrinkles and other aging signs.

Balsam's recommendations:

Clarins HydraQuench cream - click here to purchase! >> This is my go-to moisturizer! it does a great job moisturizing, however it does not have any other effects to the skin. I would recommend this if you are only seeking good moisture.
Clinique Anti-blemish clearing moisturizer for all skin types - click here to purchase! >> This one is great for those facing acne problems, or fighting blemishes! it works great ... did I mention that it's for all skin types? ;)

Step 3: Toning

Toning is an important step that many of us tend to skip, finding it slightly less important than the other two basic steps, when in fact if you want to achieve the perfect complexion or even skin-tone, toning becomes an essential step.

Toning is aimed to even out the skin tone, so if you have slight redness due to blemishes that are fading away, or slight discoloration due to other reasons then toning is very important for evening out your skin tone. I wouldn't recommend toning your skin every single day - perhaps every other day is good. Toning also gets rid of any deep dirt in the skin, you'll be amazed of what comes out of your skin on the cotton pad even after cleansing!

Balsam's recommendation:

La prairie Advanced Marine Biology tonic - click here to purchase!

Next coming soon: Habits you must avoid and habits you should stick to for perfect skin!

with love,