With the era of 'airport fashion', we are pressured to look good while travelling. Airport fashion became some form of a travelling culture - that's at least what I like to call it. Honestly, I am a victim of such era, as airport fashion became one of the things in my priority list during travelling. 

I have had such a crazy year so far, as I have been travelling frequently for various reasons, especially this month - May - where I have been on the run literally almost every single weekend. As much as I love to travel and visit new locations, I have to admit that it gets tiring to go through the process of choosing and packing the suitable fashion and beauty items for different locations, especially for big fashion capitals. 

From my recent frequent travels, I have noticed that there are a few tips and items that made my life SO much easier while travelling, as they helped me maintain my beauty routine, as well as some style tips that helped me keeping track on what to wear during my days abroad. Today, I have summed up my personal favorite travel tips for those who like to maintain a good beauty routine and travel in style!

Style Tips

1. Prepare in advance, and write it down!

So you wonder why celebrities always look great when travelling? and why their airport fashion puts us all on shame? ... well they have stylists who keep track of every single outfit they wear while travelling. These outfits are generally prepared way in advance to fit the destination's demands ad environment, such as weather, visits location, culture, etc. 

I personally learnt to plan my outfits in advance when travelling. This way I can make packing much easier, and also when I reach my destination I never waste time worrying about what to wear in each day. It is also helpful to keep a plan of what makeup corresponds to which outfit.

Of course this cannot be easily done and alternatives do need to be packed, but hey! alternatives can simple be a stylish tank and normal jeans depending on your destination.

I have a trip to the UK in a few days, and I have already wrote down the outfit choice for each day, with the corresponding makeup look. This way, in few days time when I have to pack I know exactly what to take! it helps me travel lighter too.

2. Comfort really does come first

It hurts to look good ... but not all the time!

If you are travelling for a vacation, then you have to put your comfort first. Make sure you pack something comfortable for your stay. I strongly recommend finding a good fitted comfortable jacket that can be your go-to companion when travelling. 

I personally recently purchased a Calvin Klein jacket that I am obsessed with! it is literally with me every time I leave the house now. I also found this Calvin Klein jeans jacket that is also travel friendly:

3. Keep jewelry to a minimum

Taking jewelry around with me is something I always try to avoid, unless i'm travelling for a special occasion - which in that case I will always have company of friends or family with me. I think that you should keep your accessories and jewelry to a minimum every time you travel. It is much more comfortable for you that way.

4. Find your go-to travel shoes!

Flipsters flats - click here to visit the official website!

We will all probably agree that choosing the perfect shoes to travel in is a life savor during vacationing or even during quick travels.

When travelling, it is good to look stylish, but most importantly, it is great to be practical and able to move around well.

I was sent these gorgeous flats from flipsters - an Australian shoe brand (shown in the image above), and I have been obsessed with them every since! They are certainly on the list of items to take for my upcoming trip to the UK. I like the fact that they can be 'flipped' and folded to fit into the small bag also shown above (which is by the way very small and light!), making it super easy to travel with them.

Beauty tips

1. Know the climate

weather changes can really influence how your skin behaves. I strongly recommend you research the climate and how much it differs from what your skin is used to! that way you will know whether you should pack a super hydrating moisturizer, or whether there is more pollution that could harm your skin, or even what foundation/makeup to take depending on how hot/cold it is at your final destination.

2. Have an alternative 'mini' skin care kit

I know that it is sooo difficult to maintain your skin care routine during travels, that's why i urge you to keep your travel skin care routine to few basic steps - unlike what you may be used to at home. You can easily interchange your cleanser with a cleanser that is also softly exfoliating, that way you can do two steps with one! saving you time and packing space.

Also make sure the sizes of your skin care kit and beauty items are suitable for travelling, especially if you are taking them as hand luggage.

In the end, I'd like to encourage you all to be yourself when travelling! and don't be shy to take travel style inspirations from your friends, celebrities, or even style bloggers ;) ;) ;).

with love,