Hi everyone!

I still haven't managed to blog as much as I want to about spring trends! most of you would probably know by now that I am such a huge fan of spring/summer fashion trends and I love all the prints, bold colors, movement and styles that can only be worn during this time of the year!
Today, I am here to serve you with some Sweet Style - inspired from an idea given to me by Sharri's Berries #sweetstyle - that can be worn during this time of the year! I like to call it sweet because it is literally inspired by something so sweet and so spring: BERRIES!
You probably wonder how to bring something so sweet into your wardrobe, without over-doing it or completely killing it.
Here are my tips:

1. Choose a good shade of 'berry' lipstick

Estee Lauder 'Plum Couture' lipstick
Going daring with your makeup is probably an easier option than opting for clothing that is berry inspired - that is my opinion. 
I am currently loving the burgundy, deep purple, berry-like shade of lipstick. I think I have mentioned this previously but I really recommend the Estee Lauder 'Plum Couture' that I have been using for god knows when! I love the shade, the shine, the glow it gives to my lips and not to mention that the color is extremely sexy. You can buy yours here
Beauty tip: I think one should be very careful when wearing darker berry-like shades of lipstick. This can easily bring out the redness on the rest of your face. Good concealing and coverage is therefore recommended, but just don't over do it! High light your skin to give it a younger look as darker shades of lipstick do tend to make you look older! just have fun with it :)

2. Sweet doesn't necessarily mean bright!

Photograph by Phil Oh, taken from vogue.com
As I have already stated earlier, I am such a big fan of darker shades of purple, red, pink, and everything berry related! 
Sweet spring fashion doesn't necessarily have to be bright! try to experiment with darker items that have a sweet print - see the one shown above, which is a look featured in spring's best street styles this year on vogue.com!

3. Purple RTW Inspiration

Gucci RTW S/S 2014
I honestly have never been a fan of fringe until this year! Gucci really impressed me with their deep purple accessories that were in their RTW spring collection this year! The runway was very berry with the purple tones.

4. Very Berry Prints

Dolce & Gabbana - source: http://fast.swide.com/wp-content/uploads/Dolce-and-gabbana-FW-2014-womenswear-collection-flower-and-fruit-print-dress-new.jpg
What better way to go very berry other than wearing the print itself?
I am all about going bold with prints to show your #SweetStyle this spring! go for it and buy that fruity, berry printed shirt you always wanted to wear! 

5. Berry-fy your jewels!

Hand-made necklaces available on http://www.ananasa.com
Berry size gorgeous gems and stones can be a berry inspiration that you can add to your outfit by wearing them as part of your jewelry/accessory. I am loving these two necklaces that have incorporated berry size deep purple stones in the! They are both available in Ananasa.com! make sure you check them out for gorgeous hand-made eveything - you can also read my article featuring Ananasa.com here!
How would you wear the berry trend?

with love,