Both famed for their own unique looks, Paris and London are constantly battling it out in our hearts and our wardrobes. We asked French luxury watch brand Michel Herbelin to weigh in on the never ending battle between the fashion capitals. London vs Paris, whose hold the style crown in your heart?

The Style Staple

 London: The style staple of London’s classic look is the skinny jeans, and boy do we love them! They are such a classic, versatile staple that never lose their charm or appeal no matter how much time passes. Paired with a blouse and heels, or just a comfy tee and sneakers, skinny jeans are an all round favourite of London ladies.

Paris: In true sophisticated Parisian style, the Paris style staple is the little black dress. It’s elegant, timeless and oh so classy, just like the Parisian beauties who wear it. Minimalist accessories just add to the graceful air of this sophisticated look.

The Jacket

London: The London look would not be complete without the signature leather jacket. Black biker jackets are our personal favourite, as when paired with skinny jeans and plenty of metal adornments they are reminiscent of Vivienne Westwood’s classic Brit-punk inspired style, which screams London look.

Paris: There are two jackets that to us encapsulate the true Parisian style. The blazer, and the trench coat. Although technically the trench coat isn’t a jacket, we couldn’t let it go unmentioned, it’s so classically Paris! And as for the blazer, it’s a perfect addition to any spring/summer wardrobe and is in keeping with the understated style of Paris.

The Footwear

London: Classically British, the Brogue has to be the shoe to complete the London look. It’s the perfect mix between smart and casual with comfort not sacrificed for style, a winning combination. If you prefer to add a heel, pointed toe stiletto boots and shoes in classic colours such as black or beige, or an on trend colour depending on the season, will really finish the look off nicely.

Paris: You will rarely see a girl in Paris in a flat shoe, as the classic style is feminine and therefore the footwear needs to accentuate this. Small to medium stiletto heels with some or all of the foot on show, are the perfect footwear for the Paris look.  Want to go for something flat? Open toe pumps and sandals that show off your feet in an simple style are the best alternative, but don’t forget to co-ordinate fingernail and toe nail polish!

The Accessories

London: The finishing touches to the London look should be something a little wild and bold. As mentioned before, Vivienne Westwood’s Brit-punk inspired style brings a lot to the London look, so think silver and gunmetal, studs and spikes and all things punky but feminine.

Paris: The complete opposite to London style wise, the Paris look calls for minimalist and elegant accessories. Think dainty, pretty and feminine, with pearl or diamonds shining through as the winning adornments for Parisian ladies.

So there you have it, two very different styles from two equally brilliant fashion capitals. But which style do you prefer?