Croatia - the Land of Beauty, Passion and Luxury
While the name may be as prosaic as they come, Croatia is indeed a country of wonders and unparalleled beauty. The Croatians themselves are friendly, welcoming and unpretentious and this perhaps explains why the country is turning into such a runaway popular travel destination. From someone who has been to Croatia and back a couple of times, you can be certain it is a fitting place for your dreams.

Are you looking for a fun place to unwind from the pressures of your job? Croatia fits the bill perfectly. Are you looking for a romantic getaway where you and your loved one will see the passion you share blossom? Then you should be packing your bags and heading to Croatia already. Or maybe you are looking to visit a bursting, modern metropolis where you can shop for the latest fashion and gadgets? Croatia offers all these and more.

Experience Natural Beauty in Pristine Splendor

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Croatia is a land of amazing physical beauty with snow covered alpine peaks, sprawling grassy planes, picturesque islands and everything in between well represented in the 22,000 square miles of the country's territory.

Revel in the Romance of Dalmatian Islands

The Dalmatian coast of Croatia is an explorer's haven for the multitude of delights it offers. To begin with, there are well over a thousand (yes, that's correct - a thousand) islands and islets that dot the Azure waters of the strip of Mediterranean Sea separating Croatia from Italy. Coming in different sizes and shapes, the Dalmatian Islands offer everything there is to satisfy any demanding visitor whether they are history buffs, romantics at heart or lovers of sailing and water sports.

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Each of the major islands off the Croatian coast has its attractions. Brac boasts of the most iconic pebble beach in the Mediterranean, Hvar is known for its pristine beaches and ancient town while Vis is perhaps the best place to enjoy the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine in the world.

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However, if you are a true romantic at heart, the uninhabited Dalmatian islands will prove an even greater attraction. As only 48 of the over 1,100 islands and islets are inhabited, you will have more choice than you can handle. But of these tiny islands, the island of Galesnjak; popularly known as the Island of Love is a must visit. Resembling the heart shape with uncanny accuracy, Galesnjak is just the place to have a romantic picnic and leave for home with memories to last a lifetime.

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But how do you manage to tour the dozens of the islands which are highlights of your Croatian tour? You could of course join one of the myriad packaged tour boats and enjoy a winding, guided tour in company of dozens of tourists but chances are you will not enjoy yourself to the fullest. It would be more expeditious to hire a boat or yacht from the leading charter agencies in Croatia (like for example Orvas Yachting). As such, you can enjoy your island-hopping tour at your own leisure. There is enough variety in the pricing of the packages to suit every budget.

Fairy Tale Cities to Explore

There are ancient walled cities in Croatia, all amazingly preserved to offer you sights to last you a lifetime. Croatia boasts about ten such cities including Dubrovnik, Ston, Korcula, Krk, Motovun, Groznjan and Oprtalj. Dubrovnik is the pick of them all owing to its scenic location next to the Adriatic Sea and how well the old city has been preserved to the present day but the rest of them are no less intriguing for a discerning visitor.

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Dubrovnik has become very popular in recent years as the global hit television show "Game of Thrones" was shot in part in Dubrovnik old city. Come to think of it, walking down the streets of the cities where you have witnessed love blossom, civil coups plotted, treachery and human bravery displayed would be an experience of a lifetime, wouldn't it? That is what Dubrovnik and other ancient cities of Croatia offer you in a package.

Shopping Paradise in the Cities

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The fast growing Croatian cities of Zagreb and Split are among the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe for bargain hunters. The close proximity to the Italian fashion capital of Milan also helps for those looking for luxury and variety. Whether you are looking to buy the latest fashion and accessories or high end electronic goods and gadgets, the shopping malls of Zagreb and Split have these and more waiting.