Happy Sunday beautiful people :]

It's almost summer! and the sun is already shining here in the Netherlands, which inspired me to create my very own summer style guide for the amazing summer nights we are all about to have!

Please note that these style picks are my own personal favorites for this year's summer and are inspired by items available in net-a-porter.com. I will also share with you some cheaper alternatives so that we can all have a fabulous, stylish summer ahead of us!

Lace embellishments

Gracie embellished lace and tulle gown - BIYAN 

You all probably know by now that I recommend lace in evening wear almost all the time! I think lace is very elegant in night gowns, so I would love to rock a lace gown at some point during this year's summer nights .. maybe for a special occasion or fancy dinner party?

Cheaper alternative? Why don't you opt for white lace

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With the right accessories - keeping it simple - you can make a white lace gown wearable without making it seem so 'bride like'

Printed Pants

Patsy silk straight-leg pants - BIYAN

Prints... who doesn't love em? especially for this time of the year and summer! I love almost all sorts of prints: animal, geometric, floral, you name it, I love it ;) ...

I think this summer the printed pant will - again - be big! Make sure you grab your favorite printed pant and look fabulous this summer. 

I recommend to pair it with a basic white shirt and veerrrry basic accessories. I strongly recommend long chained side purses like the one seen on the photo above (right).

A cheaper alternative:

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The perfect tank

Both by Michael Kors, available on: www.net-a-porter.com
Tanks tops are summer's most popular type of tops! simply because of the glazing heat. I love cute tank tops with some basic embellishments that distinguish them from usual tank tops that everybody wears. Why don't you find the perfect occasion-friendly tank top to wear during this year's summer nights?

Cheaper alternative?

How about this gorgeous neck-detailed purple tank for a humble dinner night with friends?

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Rock the fringe look

Left: Fringed python shoulder bag by Gucci; Right: Fringed suede mini dress by Valentino - click here to buy!

I am going to be 100% honest with you, I am not the type to wear fringe style clothing or accessories at all! but when I saw those two items above by Gucci and Valentino during fashion week, I was absolutely thrilled and excited to purchase more fringe items for this summer! My view in fringe is absolutely changed now and I can't wait to purchase new fringed items, especially dresses!

I would recommend the following for a cheaper alternative:

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Balsam's favorite Summer Accessories

The photo above is filled with designer goods that I am really loving for this summer, including items from Doce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo and Valentino - I already told you that i'm going D&G crazy this spring/summer!

You can see that my recommendations for this summer are unique petite purses, golden jewelry and sophisticated ankle pumps and shoes! studs are again making a comeback :D and I couldn't be happier!

For cheaper alternatives:

I am loving the new collection that will be available soon from Quid jewelry - a newly launched jewelry brand that I am currently obsessed with!

aaannnnd that sums up all what I have for today :) .. don't forget to let me know what YOUR favorite summer party styles are for this year!

lots of love,