University of Twente Gym - Campus
One of the phrases I frequently hear from my fashion obsessed mates and acquaintances is "I don't know what to wear to the gym", or "I look horrible when i'm in the gym, that's why I never go".

I understand that the possibility of running into a super hottie at the gym is relatively high! which is probably one of the reasons why many women are somehow self conscious about the way they look like in the gym while working out. Therefore, many would opt for wearing 'some' makeup to the gym, thinking they would get away with it ... even if it was only waterproof mascara that they cannot live without.

I am here to  share with you why I personally NEVER wear makeup to the gym, and if I very occasionally do - due to having no time to change from university gear to gym gear after a long day - I hate it so much! and end up regretting it in the long run.

Firstly, trust me I know how horrible I feel with my gym clothes, and I hate the way I look while working out ... but at the same time, I really feel like the gym is not a red carpet! it's a place where you should work hard to maintain a healthy and beautiful body. Wearing makeup to the gym is a total No No, and here's why:

1. Risk of clogging your pores

Wearing makeup such as foundation on your skin while sweating can contribute to pore clogging. This is because during working out and sweating, your pores open up and wearing makeup reduces your skin's ability to 'breathe'. This causes pores to clog which is not what we want. Additionally, clogged pores results in undesirable breakouts.

2. You can hurt yourself! Especially your eyes

I don't know about you, but I honestly hate the feeling of having heavy mascara while working out. I feel like I cannot sweat 'freely' >> LOL! 

but it's true!

Sweating while having mascara on your eyes can increase the chance of makeup getting into your eyes, which is very irritating and bad for your eyes. You also cannot get away with using waterproof mascara, which I am against anyway regardless whether you're gyming or not. Waterproof mascara is very drying, and caused my eye lashes to fall. I always recommend regular mascara with some conditioning in its formula.

3. Sweat is cleansing!

There's a reason why you always feel somehow cleaner - which may sound ironic - after sweating. I love the feeling of my skin after a very good workout! this is because sweating is cleansing, and it can remove all the toxins from your skin. If you wear makeup, you will not allow that to happen. So think twice before going to the gym with makeup :)

lots of love,