Happy Easter to all of my readers who celebrate it!
I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday with all your loved ones.
I just wanted to highlight a few updates that I have changed or added on albalsamlife.com, which some of you may have already noticed!
  1. If you're a frequent reader of my blog, then you probably noticed the new blog layout that I am absolutely madly in love with at the moment! I hope you all like it :)
  2. I added a new segment on the side bar under the name 'Whats on Balsam's Life'. There you can find all the things that I am currently obsessed with, reading, products that I am using or even trips that I am planning to go to soon! For each thing in that section there will be a URL available for you just in case you are also interested in trying out the products that I am using!
  3. A new series of blog posts under the tag line 'Fashion Fever' will now be continued on albalsamlife.com to showcase the latest fashion trends, that are not necessarily a favorite of mine, but still find it interesting enough to discuss them here 

I would also like to highlight a page that I have added a long time ago: which is the Ask Balsam page that enables you to ask me 'quick' questions on anything you like, as I have been receiving questions via email - which is absolutely fine! - however, I do believe that using this page would be much easier for both you and me :)

I hope you enjoy the few changes and continue to show support and love that is highly appreciated x 
with love,