"There is an app for everything" ... one of my friends repeatedly says this every time we are looking for ideas to do 'something' in an easier way!

One of my favorite genres of apps is shopping apps! which come naturally as I am a huge fan of shopping - in case you haven't noticed that yet! and today i'd like to share one shopping app that I reaallly love using at the moment


Mallzee is basically a new shopping app that enables you to search through over 2 million products from 100 popular brands that you love! by allowing you to choose your preferences and filter the options according to what your personal style and taste is. The process of searching for what you would love to buy is made super easy, making shopping very time efficient

The brands that I personally love that are also available in Mallzee are Mango, Topshop, urban outfitters, and they also have some products from ASOS!

I also usually love to share my latest fashion finds with my girlfriends as I sometimes like to know their opinions of a potential outfit or item that I am willing to purchase. With Mallzee, sharing is made super easy and you can now share with friends or followers with just a click before purchasing the item :D

Now time for my favorite fashion finds from Mallzee while looking for a black simple gown/dress for an event:

You can find and download this app on itunes here!

let me know what you think x

with love,