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Today I would love to blog about a very important organisation based in my home country: Oman.
This non-profit volunteer based organization certainly caught my attention as it was formed by a group of young ambitious college students with the aim of leaving a 'footprint' in the Omani society. As some of you may already know, I am always thrilled to encourage the younger minds into thinking about others, from a societal aspect and broader point of view. 'I was here Oman' definitely has what it takes to make a difference in our society.
The fundamental idea of the organisation is to initiate some form of giving back to the society, as a sign of gratitude and gratefulness towards our country for giving us the life that we are leading as young individuals today. 
Additionally, 'I was here Oman' welcomes everybody's support and targets everybody. They are beginning their group activities with a simple yet very effective form of giving: "giving out boxes that contain essentials that we take for granted, such as, but not limited to tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, shirts, soaps so on and so forth" to those who are in need of it. 
In the end, I would like to show my own personal opinion on this initiative and idea behind this organization:
I personally always like to encourage the feeling of being thankful for what you have, the love that surrounds you and all the blessings that you might take for granted. I am honestly sometimes guilty of being ungrateful towards many of the things that I have in my life that others might dream of having: such as family and friends who love me and support me, a home that I can rest my eyes in at the end of the day, and most importantly a shelter with all the essentials needed to survive my day-to-day routine. 'I was here Oman' is certainly going to be an eye opener to many younger individuals in Oman, which is something I am absolutely proud to see :)
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Thank you Sara Al-Hashar for letting me know about this amazing group, I am proud of you :)

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