After the cold and damp of winter, spring is finally here and with that we can just about see summer around the corner. For many of us then, it’s time to put the thick coats and jumpers away and bring out our beautiful floaty dresses and skirts ready for the heat (hopefully!). But while we tend to swap our wardrobes around, how many of us switch up our jewelry?
With the warm summer months, naturally many of us will be reaching for gold necklaces and bangles, which have the perfect warm tones to reflect the weather. But while gold looks great, why not mix your jewelry up and flash a little silver?

First of all, for all you lovely bronzed ladies (and gentlemen), silver can really set off a tan. The combination of the cool tones of a silver necklace or bracelet and the warmer tones of your skin can really highlight your tan and even make it look better than what it is.

Summer is also the time when you can get your whites out and really show off the flesh with a crisp pair of white trousers and top. While gold jewelry can look stunning against a beautiful white dress, you sometimes have to be very careful about making your jewelry look cheap or tacky. This is where your best bet is stick with silver toned jewelry. Again the cool tones of silver and white will give your tan the ultimate boost, and create a perfect summer outfit.

Don’t worry if, like me, you’re one of those who’s ‘tan’ is more red than bronze. Silver jewelry works just as well on pale skin when worn with the right colours. Team your silver jewelry with warmer summer colours on your clothing, such as yellow and pink, and you’re good to go.

Finally, who says you have to stick to one kind of jewelry? Be a bit more daring and mix up your golds and silvers for a refreshing look for your summer wardrobe. The best way to pull off this look, is to combine several silver and gold necklaces together. Think varying lengths and widths for the ultimate mixed up look. If necklaces aren't your thing, try a selection of bracelets in various tones and styles stacked on your wrists. Add your watch into the mix too, to finish the look off.

So now you can see why you shouldn't ignore silver jewelry in the summer, go ahead and experiment!

This post has been written by Sarah for amber and silver jewelers Henryka.