We've all seen those "wardrobe malfunctions" that celebrities have on a regular basis, but what we don't see even more are all those lingerie pieces that prevent potential malfunctions from happening! If you're a female living in today's world, then there are some important tips you should know when you're purchasing any type of lingerie. With these tips and secrets you'll be able to find, buy and wear some awesome lingerie pieces without worries about any "malfunctions" of your own. Ready for these tips? Then keep reading!

1. Wear Nude Under White

Too many women think that they should wear white lingerie under white clothing. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and will result in other people seeing what's under your top and bottom! Whenever you're wearing white clothing, you should wear nude-colored lingerie underneath that is as close to your skin tone as possible. This will give the look of invisibility so nobody will know what skin-hugging pieces you're wearing underneath.

2. Know Your Body Type

Only choose lingerie that is going to look good on your body type and that you're going to feel comfortable in! Don't try and fit in or wear something that really just isn't "you". Always go for something that is going to make you FEEL sexy and hot, as this is going to give you a huge confidence boost when you're wearing the piece.


- Plus size women may find babydolls are great choices. These come in a ton of different styles and hug the body in all the right places while still offering some coverage. Remember: sexy lingerie doesn't have to bare your entire body.

- Women with smaller chest should wear balconette bras with garters and belts that show off their legs. By doing this you'll bring attention to your stomach and legs while taking it away from your chest (if that's what you want).

3. Coverage

The first rule when it comes to coverage is NOT to have panty lines! This means always choosing panties that are fit for your outfit, like a thong or g-string with a silk dress or boy shorts with a dress that's short. There are tons of materials being used on underwear today that can keep those panty lines away, so make sure you take advantage of those.

The next thing you need to look at when it comes to coverage is your chest. If your nipples are showing, then nobody is going to be paying attention to your face. If your bra doesn't provide the coverage that you want, then pasties are a great solution. In addition to providing nipple coverage, these are also very sexy and perfect for a night in with your honey.

4. Find a Matching Set

If you're trying to look sexy for a special night out, then a matching lingerie set is going to be important. This will show that you put some effort into the look, and chose an outfit just for the occasion.

5. Consider Your Outfit

Whenever you plan on wearing lingerie outside, you need to make sure the clothing that goes over it covers everything up! The last thing most of us want is everyone seeing the naughty outfit we put on for later when we're walking down the street. There are a lot of ways you can cover up, and it will be worth it when you don't have to change right before you're ready to show the outfit off.
Written by Maya Savanovich. 
Maya is a fashion blogger who loves a challenge and is always on the lookout for new fashion trends and chunky accessories. She loves writing, reading a good book and cooking for her friends and family.