A bachelor party is an event that happens only once in a lifetime, which means that you have to take care of all aspects and make it simply fabulous – this includes your outfit as well. Since you are going to invite most of your friends to this party, you do not have to wear a suit. However, this does not mean that you cannot be stylish while feeling comfortable at the same time. A nice t-shirt and a pair of old jeans will be more than enough to make you look good, but if you aim for more than that, then here are some excellent ideas to choose from.     

Wear a printed t-shirt          

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Since a bachelor party is all about feeling well and having fun, simple clothes are the best you can choose, particularly because everyone else will be probably wearing something that is more comfortable rather than fashionable. A t-shirt with a nice print will be extremely good, especially if you opt for a themed one, such as “Last night as a free man” or anything similar.          

Graphics are cool    

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A bachelor party will be a great opportunity to wear funny t-shirts with cool graphics, which can make you look and feel free. What about a t-shirt with a cartoon couple getting married and a message like “Game Over!” printed on it? Or maybe a t-shirt with a 'doomed’ groom and an oppressing future bride. Regardless of what you choose, keep in mind that graphics are extremely suited for a bachelor party, especially if you are the future groom. However, avoid inappropriate ones, otherwise you risk your reputation as a husband extremely much.           


Be the Groom – Literally!   

Another great option you have for your bachelor party is wearing a t-shirt or shirt with a tuxedo printed on it (such as these). This will make you the groom of the party – literally, and the best part is that you will not have to wear a suit or anything similar, which might make you feel totally uncomfortable. To make your t-shirt even more interesting, you may choose one that has a text printed on it, aside from the tuxedo graphic. Messages like “Groom-to-Be – Goodbye life, hello wife!” work extremely well, as they are very funny and will make you very authentic at the same time.       

Choose an Interesting Tie  

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You do not have to wear a t-shirt at the party if you do not want to. If you are going to wear a suit, then you should choose a funny tie. For example, a tie with a charismatic message or graphic such as “7 Words for a Long and Happy Marriage – Yes Dear, I’m Sorry, It’s My Fault” or “Little Did He Know a Trip to the Altar Would Alter His World” will make everyone laugh.   

Be classy!     

If any of the aforementioned options do not seem very good for you, then you may simply choose to be classy and wear a suit instead. There is a high chance that most guests will be wearing suits, so dressing similarly will help you avoid being too different. Unless this is your bachelor party, it is recommended to avoid being in the spotlight.   

Choose the Best Venue      

One very good question to ask yourself should be – where is the party going to be held at? Your home or apartment might not be very good since you might be already living with your future wife, so you should better choose a function venue (like this one), where you will be able to decorate everything as you wish and get many other advantages, too. Moreover, these venues are spacious, so you will not have to worry about total number of guests you can possibly invite. 

Written by: Alexa Pejak