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I have been thinking of doing more posts under 'Fashion 101' for quite some time now, ever since I published the article about The History of Fashion Design which was written by the talented Alex Pejak. Finally, I managed to sum up a few items that I think belong to the Fashion 101 category: 10 essential fashion items every woman should own!

I noticed that I haven't been able to share the items that I believe every woman should have in her closet, and since I feel like this is an important style advice, I decided to go ahead and get that done today =)

First of all, I would like to stress that this post is influenced by my personal opinion and that each individual would seek a different style/fashion choices. However, for those who are interested in what I believe is an essential fashion item, this post is for you :)

Note that I tried to maintain a reasonable price range for the products used in this post, therefore I decided to stick to featuring only one brand that I am currently into: Choies

So let's get started!

1. The Little Black Dress
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The LBD - made famous by the fabulous Coco Chanel, remains to be a fundamental fashion piece that every woman should have in her closet. It can be your perfect companion for a dinner date, it can also be worn to work or even to a fun party!

I love the Basic Round neck Bodycon Dress in Black shown in the image above by Choies, and it is available for only $20!

2. Basic White Shirt

I think I shared this style advice way too many times throughout my years of fashion blogging! 

The basic white shirt can never go wrong. Although I do believe you have to invest in finding the perfect basic white shirt that can be used for everyday and for professional events such as those you attend for work, however, the basic white shirt has been adapted into several designs and is now available with embroideries, lace, and many other styles! Including prints and floral patterns.

I personally fell in love with this basic lace white shirt, also available from Choies

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3. Black Formal Blazer

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Click here to purchase!
The black blazer is probably my favorite and ultimate style item that I can never get tired of! It becomes my best friend whenever I want to attend an occasion that requires a mix of casual and formal. It also sometimes becomes my go-to fashion choice!

4. Sunglasses!

Who doesn't need one of these in their closet? Especially now that the sun is finally here!

5. The Go-to scarf

Scarves have always been a favorite of mine! I love all sorts of scarves, such as those with animal prints, floral prints, geometric prints, plain ones, etc. 

I have managed to scroll through the scarves offered from Choies, and I love so many of them! If you are interested in looking through them, then click here!

6. Denim Skinny Jeans

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I have made a promise to myself that the denim skinny jean will never make its way out of my wardrobe! ever! I simply cannot live without my basic skinny jean, it's one trend that I would never want to disappear. 

Although the skinny pants in general are not very popular this season, I am still into them and would love to wear incorporate them into my outfit once in a while during spring!

7. Pearls ... and more pearls!

Click here to view 'pearly' items offered by Choies
I have to admit that pearls are not the easiest beauty/fashion item to style and pair with other items, however, I love to put pearls into accessories. I usually tend to not like pearl only accessories, but I love them when they are incorporated with other styles and colors.

8. Basic Black Pumps

When you're in doubt with what shoes to wear, just throw on a basic black pump ;)

9. Perfect belt
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This was actually a fashion suggestion by my sister Salsabil, who believes that belts can totally transform your outfit 180 degrees! .. I couldn't agree more :D...

I love metallic belts these days, check out the one above! A normal basic belt is also handy =)

10. A magic bag!

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I love bags that come with several options!

Let me elaborate on that:
I love bags that can transform and be worn in several ways, such as the one shown above (Black Lock Bag With Chain Strap by Choies). It can be carried as a clutch or as a bag with the chain on the shoulder! or even a cross body bag, it's all up to you!

11. BONUS: An item of your choice!!

In the end, I encourage you to prioritize an item that YOU personally love and can't live without!! in the end I always like to encourage personality and individuality when it comes to styling and fashion x

with love,