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One of my most anticipated blog posts is about using Castor oil for hair (you can click here to read the article), and I received SO many questions regarding this topic ever since I published that article, and I understand because when you are in the process of losing hair and you notice that your hair is becoming thinner and thinner, and more skin is showing on your scalp, you start to worry immediately! and that's exactly what happened to me!
I have never tried anything that worked better on my hair than castor oil! and I guarantee you that, as I have experienced severe hair loss and thankfully managed to cure it without the aid of any chemicals or any pills. That's why, today I'd like to answer your most frequently asked questions about that article I have previously published on castor oil for hair, and therefore provide you with the information that you asked about!
I will try to keep the answers as short as possible, and explain very briefly about what I know about castor oil and my experience with it. If you would like to know my journey with castor oil, then you can click here to read the full article!

What does castor oil do for your hair?

Well, castor oil basically strengthens the hair, and is thought to make the hair grow longer and thicker. If you are interested in the process of how it does that, then continue reading.
Castor oil when massaged directly on the scalp, it boosts the blood circulation which means that the hair follicles will receive all the nutrients they need to grow healthily! This promotes healthy hair growth when done regularly. Castor oil also contains essential nutrients like vitamin E, amino acids, and omega-6 fatty acids that help prevent hair breakage and dry, unhealthy hair that has split ends. Moisturized, split-end free hair means longer and thicker hair!

How many times should I apply castor oil?

This question is slightly difficult to answer since it will depend on your schedule and daily routine. I personally used to apply it at least 3 times a week - or the night before I wash my hair, so I leave it overnight most of the time and that is my strongest recommendation.
Castor oil does have a very sticky texture, making it difficult to be flexible when it comes to the number of times you apply it. If you are always on the go during the weekdays, then apply if during the weekend! but the more times you apply it, the better. Just don't over do it. I would say 3 times per week is an ideal number.

How long does it take to see results?

This again will depend on your body and you as an individual. I personally have met people who promised me that they saw change within days after applying castor oil. I personally started seeing positive results within weeks, but I finally managed to see a drastic positive change after about 6 months. That's when all my friends and family members noticed and started complementing my hair! 
If you are looking to purchase castor oil, here are my personal recommendations:

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