Hello beautifuls!

This season, sooo many different big events are coming up and it's crazy how much preparation goes into one night, especially when it comes to the clothes you wear or the makeup you put on! I have had friends and readers asking me about what to do fashion and beauty-wise pre an important event several times, so I thought I'd sum up all my tips and advice on how to prepare for an important event (beauty/fashion) today and share my thoughts with you guys.

One thing that you should check out is my tips that I have previously written about finding the perfect prom gown! that could come handy in preparing for any big events - like prom - when it comes to finding the right thing to wear! You can read that here :D

As for the beauty part - which I would like to concentrate more on today - I have a few tips that have worked for me throughout the past few years when attending big events, and I am more than happy to share them with you!

So here it goes ...

Get enough sleep!

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As much as I know it is difficult to get enough sleep before attending a big event that is super important to you, I still make sure that sleep deserves the top priority when it comes to your beauty - that and your physical wellness as well!

I advise you all to sleep well, you don't want dark circles ruining your fabulous look during the event. No matter how much concealers and makeup you use, if you're naturally healthy looking, then you will shine regardless the amount of makeup you wear :D

Wash your hair the day/night before

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For girls with super duper dry hair like mine, I would strongly recommend you to wash it the night or day before the big event. You wouldn't want frizzes of dry hair jumping all over the place during your big event night/day. I honestly would recommend this to all hair types, it really will make your day of the event much easier since you already got 'washing the hair' part out of the way. Sometimes, I would even prefer to straighten my hair one day before. It leaves out all the stress of doing my hair on the actual day of the event, then all that is left is the styling. 

Don't forget to also deep condition your hair, so that it looks well moisturized and healthy.

Do the fitting before!
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This is probably the best advice I could give anybody. Although it is quite obvious, but I strongly recommend you do the dress (or whatever you are wearing) fitting waay in advance (not too early since your body may change, but not too late to regret any changes). This will prevent any fashion emergencies right before the event!

I usually obsess over what I'm wearing for an important event for weeks before the event (depending on when I buy the outfit), but in general my purpose here is to inform you that it is important to make sure that everything fits perfectly for that special event that you have in mind :)

Pamper & Moisturize
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One of the main things I always love to do before attending a big event is to pamper and treat myself! depending on the amount of time I have, I will sometimes go for a facial treatment to prep my skin for the day/night. If I don't have much time then I usually just take a long relaxing shower, using a good body scrub and shower gel so that my skin looks perfectly clean. A good body butter or moisturizer will also do wonders on how you look! 

I personally received a scented body scrub and butter from Grace Cole and I have tried it and absolutely fell in love with the smell and moisture that it gives to my skin! A review of the products will soon be on albalsamlife.com, so make sure you stay updated to read that!

Other tips that I would usually say are pretty obvious, like make sure youre comfortable with your outfit choice, makeup options and the hair style that you have in mind.

Most importantly: I would advise you all to just remain confident and enjoy the event :)

with love,