Short hair is the new thing for spring?

Kim Kardashian recently stepped with a noticeably shorter hair that I had to write about on, because I have been noticing the lean towards shorter hair as this year proceeds!

Kim is known for having super long hair, so when she cut it the press certainly noticed it. Although it does look trendy and more fashion forward now, Kim actually said that she cut her hair just to focus on making it grow more healthily, as it was damaged before. She also reported that she will be using hair supplements that go by the name 'Hairfinity' - which I am really curious to try out myself! because I heard good reviews about them. 

I personally cut my hair during 2013's Christmas to a length similar to the one Kim currently has, and I loved it! I used to be so obsessed with getting my hair to grow and I tried every single thing I could to make it grow longer, but after cutting it on Christmas I realized that it looked healthier, better and most importantly fuller!

What do you think of shorter hair for this upcoming season?

with love,