Hello beautiful people!

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend, I had such a fabulous Saturday and I am happy to share with you that I finally got my hands on the Karl Lagerfeld first ever perfume from his newly launched perfume line!

One of my all time favorite designers, Karl Lagerfeld, launched his perfume line last week (March 2014), and as you all probably know, I am such a big fan of Karl's work. He never failed to impress the fashion industry with his creativity and devotion for fashion, making his perfume line highly anticipated by the beauty industry as well as his large fan-base.

As I am a huuuggge fan of Karl and all his work, I of course had to purchase his perfume! and to be honest I am not - in any shape or form - the type of person to purchase something purely just because of the name behind it or the person who created it, so I had to completely fall in love with the fragrance before purchasing it (as it was also pretty pricey). 

The fragrance leaves a very good impression. It has a very slight hint of flowers, but not too sweet, not too cold. Lagerfeld made sure the women's scent remains unique, as it will carry his name. 

"When lavender is too basic, I don't like it," Lagerfeld said it himself to WWD. "Especially in the modern world, there has to be a kind of sophistication and not too much of a down-to-earth garden, flowery hot-house mood. That's from the past. There has to be a sophisticated twist in the perfume; if not, the old ones are better. The important thing with a perfume is to be new when it comes out and [then] turn into a classic in your bathroom."

The scent resembles modernity to me, it really does leave an unknown yet beautiful impression. It is also somewhat mysterious. It consists of hints of lemon, peach, rose and magnolia, making it super feminine.

Are you interesting in purchasing one? 

I personally really love it, and I have a feeling that it will be my go-to fragrance that I always would have to have!

with love,