So fashion weeks are over (wrapped in four large fashion capitals all over the globe) - but we all know fashion weeks are never really over! The Ready-to-wear runway shows in this year's Paris fashion week were amazingly presented. From Chanel grocery store runway setup to a marvelous debut of the talented Nicholas Ghesquiere in the Louis Vuitton show, the jaw dropping week is sadly over and was wrapped by setting many new trends that are predicted to make it big this year's and next year's Fall/Winter season.

As usual, I love to keep track of what's trending on the runway, and I managed to find the time to scroll through all the runway looks from this year's Paris fashion week's RTW collections for the upcoming Autumn/Winter, and here is what I personally noticed:

  • Floral prints are slowly saying goodbye. I noticed that some shows did interpret florals - such as Valentino and some lace embellishment featuring the floral print from Elie Saab. However, when compared to previous seasons, the floral print appeared much more less.
  • On the other hand, I noticed an increase in giraffe animal prints, and of course leopard obsession also appeared in many shows.
  • Sheer fabrics were a highlight in many shows, I mainly noticed it in the Elie Saab show where many darker shades of sheer fabrics and lace materials were featured in many of the dresses.
  • Glitter replaced the floral print. Saint Laurent runway looks featured many glittery items that I am obsessed with!
  • Fur remains a huge hit in fashion, as always
I will speak more on each of my favorite trends from this year's Paris Fashion Week (RTW), and introduce you to my personal favorite runway looks from thi year's RTW 2014/15 autumn/winter runway shows in the fabulous fashion capital: Paris!

 Gradient, Velvet and Burgundy in Elie Saab

This year Elie Saab produced - once again - some fabulous gowns and clothing items that featured what I like to call 'gradient' shades of the color purple (as shown in the image above). I have promised myself to wear more bold burgundy looks this year, and Elie Saab totally impressed me with the color. He also interpreted the color perfectly in velvet material and mixed together different shades of purple very well.

Head-to-toe bold, dark purple is also great and seen on the Elie Saab show. Well done Saab!

Leopard confidence & fashion forward fur in Givenchy

Givenchy, I love you for putting more leopard this season!! 

The very well known and celebrated fashion blogger Bryan Boy recently tweeted: " It takes a certain kind of confidence to wear a leopard coat", and I absolutely agree with him on that! Leopard print is not adored by many, and can not certainly be worn by all in a good way. It takes talent to rock a leopard print.

The Givenchy show showed several fur items, and printed dresses. The two looks shown above were my favorites from the show. In fact, they're among my favorite looks from the whole RTW collections for this year's Autumn/Winter!

Burgundy Fever in Nina Ricci

In addition to Elie Saab's burgundy fever, Nina Ricci also featured the deep purple shade from head to toe. Simply Fabulous ;)

Glitter, glam, black & white in Saint Laurent

I think you all noticed the fabulous glittery shoes in Saint Laurent's show! How could these glitters go unnoticed anyway?

Like always, Saint Laurent is one of my favorite shows from this year's RTW runways in Paris! I love the mix of the glitter glam with the more relaxed basics like white and black over sized cardigans/coats.

Saint Laurent also kept its signature 'tuxedo' like black&white trademark along with adding my current favorite style item: a basic black hat! It's one of my obsessions at the moment :D

Back to basics, with class in Christian Dior

Christian Dior made several basic items this year, mainly focusing on the color white. The simplicity made me fall in love with their RTW collection for this upcoming Autumn/Winter! I also noticed that the designer used scarves and shawls as a main accessory in many of the looks, making many of the outfits look simple yet well dressed.

It's a revolution for Louis Vuitton

As stated earlier in this post, the debut of the very talented Nicholas Ghesquiere in Louis Vuitton was everything but unsuccessful. I am honestly not a fan of Louis Vuitton, but I was utterly impressed with this collection.

Here's my favorite look from the designer:

Chloe, Valentino & Galliano

From left: John Galliano, Valentino, Chloe
Last but not least, I adored the use of the basic jacket on John Galliano (also white from head to toe with a simple adding of silver/shiny accessories to the look), the puffy mono-colored skirts by Valentino and cute prints from Chloe. Overall this year's Autumn/Winter RTW runway shows from Paris fashion week were an incredible success!

Let me know your favorites!

all images are taken from the English vogue's official site (

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