For those of you who know me, you would probably know that I am a very passionate traveler. I love the joy of travelling and stepping a foot on a new location that I have never been to before. During the past few months, I was blessed to be able to travel to many new places that have left a great impression on me, and I even moved to a brand new country that I have never visited before! will now be more personal by letting you guys join me through my travel experiences, by sharing all the main details of my trips around the world.
Starting with Leipzig in Germany - a beautiful city located in the heart of Central German Metropolitan Region, and is at a distance of about 150 kilometres (93 miles) south of the German capital Berlin. I visited Leipzig late in 2013 for a chance to reunite with one of my sisters that I did not see in several months, and It was a marvelous experience of 3 days. Although I wish I stayed longer in Lepzig, I still managed to do many eventful things there in such a short period of time.
I arrived in Leipzig at around 12 in the afternoon and had a quick lunch at Pizza Hut in the Leipzig's central station - which was unbelievably impressive, the architecture of their central station was very beautiful. The preparations for Christmas were also very beautiful at the station, they always have a very large Christmas tree every year there! Absolutely stunning. Sadly, I was there too early to witness all the pretty Christmas decorations :'(
After the quick 'catching up' lunch that I had with my sister, we headed to her place and met up with her room-mate. We then decided to go for a quick shopping trip and tour around town. I really enjoyed shopping and walking around the center of Leipzig, they had several interesting shops and boutiques such as antique stores, custom jewelry stores and even a store that makes wooden figurines and I found a really cute Pinocchio! The photos can be seen below.

I also payed a quick visit to St. Nicholas Church located at the center of Leipzig. It is a main touristic attraction in Leipzig as it was built at the same time the city was founded making it a very historical attraction for those who are into German history and arts.

I usually love visiting old German churches, the architecture is always so fascinating.

I pretty much had a very eventful day, because later that day I had to attend a mini birthday party/dinner for one of my sister's very close friends. It was such a fabulous company of Omani girls that I was so happy to be with, since I was starting to feel home sick and missing my own family at home.

Honestly, the food was really delicious too! It was a fabulous end of the day :]

More on Leipzig will be coming soon~
with love,