Spring is finally here! and I can not be more excited about this year's fashion trends that really caught my attention.
Today, I decided to share with you guys my favorite spring trends that I personally would love to implement on my own wardrobe, and will be looking forward to wear for this year's spring! I have previously shared a fabulous guest post written by the talented Ana Gric about Makeup Trends for spring / summer 2014, and I really liked many of this year's spring trending makeup styles (let me know your favorites!!)
Enough of beauty, let's get some fashion essentials for spring 2014 :D

The Chambray Shirt

image from nelly.com
The Chambray shirt is definitely worthy of the number one spot for this year's spring essentials for me. Although I am still in the hunt for the perfect shirt, I did come across a few that I really liked including this one by BDG and this one by Victoria's Secret - which mixes two of my favorites trends: Chambray and polka dots!

Flowers on hair!

Dolce & Gabbana wasn't the only designer filled with flowers in this year's spring runway shows! meaning that flowers in general are becoming a hot trend for this year's spring. One thing I noticed - as shown above - is that flower crowns and floral hair accessories are big this spring!
If you're a fan of hair accessories, and flowers in particular, then make sure you wear flower crowns this spring!
I really love and recommend this one and this one by Urban Outfitters.

Love for Jackets

who doesn't love jackets? I am specifically loving the comeback of the basic black blazer and pastel shades for spring!

Fashion (with comfort)

Sweater by Rebecca Taylor
I have to admit that keeping up with fashion trends is not always the most comfortable thing to do, but this year's spring (I'm glad to announce) is different! and that's what I really love about spring fashion: Comfort comes first :D

Sweaters are great for spring, they will keep you looking good and comfortable. Try this one by 360 sweater, or perhaps this one for a more affordable price and cute star prints! I am currently obsessed with a sweater I purchased about a year ago from Next with ribbon prints on it :D

No collars when it comes to coats!

Nina Ricci does it best when it comes to collarless coats for this year's spring! I am absolutely in love with this trend!! Collarless coats have always been a favorite of mine, and now that I can wear it in spring ... I couldn't be happier!

I bought a collarless coat from Mango while I was in Milan for a holiday, and I have been obsessing over it since then. You can buy a fabulous collarless coat here if you want (from one of my favorite online stores yesstyle! It looks chic and it really became my go-to coat ;D

Well that wraps it all! Please do share your favorite spring fashion items, and let me know what you think of my picks!!

I hope you all have a fabulous spring!
with love