Who else is excited about 2014 Spring fashion? :D

Before we get into today's post, I wish you all a happy Sunday, and I hope you all had a fabulous weekends so far with all your loved ones!

I personally had an eventful yet relaxed weekend. I found myself pretty productive and managed to get so many things done, starting from blogging, shopping and all the way to university work! I also loved a spontaneous shopping day with one of my close friends from university, and that's what I am planning to write about today.

I was so excited to see all the stores with new spring/summer clothes filled with flowers, patterns and really cute jackets and materials. 

one particular collection that really caught my attention was the H&M 2014 Spring collection which featured the gorgeous Miranda Kerr.

As you can see above, the collection included divergent items: printed dress, bold colored skirt, basic shirts and blazer, leather, pencil skirts, t-shirts! pretty much everything you would need for a stylish spring! I am planning on purchasing a lot of the items from this collection. I will let you know which ones I decided to buy soon :D

As for the accessories, the collection consisted of several golden pieces that really fit with the sun shine of spring, and with the soft coral/pink tones seen on the clothes. Shoes and lace-up styles were also a highlight in this H&M spring collection.

As a whole, I think this collection pretty much sums up all the trends that I would recommend for this year's spring: bold pink/coral tones, printed dresses, the basic black jacket, t-shirts, pencil skirts and cute white shirts that bring you back to the basics!! Lace-up heels have also been a favorite of mine for a very long time!

with love,