Hello beautiful people, I hope you have all enjoyed a fabulous weekend x

I have received a pair of fabulous earrings earlier this week from www.Majestical.com jewelry, and ever since I laid eyes on them I have been falling in love more and more. This post will explain why :)

Before I begin giving you my opinion on pieces of accessories and jewelry offered by Majestical.com, I would like to state that to me nature and fashion should be alongside each other. Nature creates fashion, and fashion is naturally in the nature. I have often written about how much I adore fashionable items that remind me of nature (such as in last year's spring edition style picks here!) 
LEAF CLUSTER STUNNER EARRINGS - available at http://www.majestical.com
As for today's post, I wanted to share with you a fabulous pair of earrings that I received from Majestical.com - a boutique online jewelry store selling premium jewelry at 20%-90% off of retail pricing! - and I am absolutely loving them.

The item sent to me (shown on the images above) is inspired by the design of nature, taking the beautiful shape of leaves that are draping. The silver color adds the glamour into the design (which - as you probably already know - is one of my favorite colors). I also love the fact that these shiny earrings are fashion forward yet keeping a hint of 'nature' in their design, giving a very feminine and sweet appearance when worn.

As for how to wear them, I would suggest to wear these kind of dangly earrings with an updo to give full focus on the piece of jewellry, as it is certainly a high light in the outfit.
I have managed to also take a look at other products offered by www.majestical.com, and I have to say that I am very impressed with the items offered on their online store!

For me, finding the right accessory/jewelry is a very tiring task, and once I find a brand that I trust and provides good fashionable items, I would certainly stick to it. Majestical.com is great because it provides a variety of products, such as pearls, gem stones, fashion items with a very good price! 

In the end, I'd like to say that a good piece of accessory really helps in stepping up your outfit! Even if you're wearing a plain white Tee with a regular blue jeans, you would still look chic with the right piece of accessory ;)

If you're interested in purchasing some of the fabulous accessories by Majestical, you can visit http://www.majestical.com and you will get a free shipping if you make orders of 49.99 USD or more!!

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