Every style-conscious man should not underestimate the importance of accessories. Even though accessories for men may appear to be less important than trousers, shirts or jackets, they are very important to own. They can enhance your appearance and you can use some of them in many different ways. A well-developed accessory collection is the cornerstone of any wardrobe. The following are the 5 key accessories for men.

Document holders

Document holders are ideal for carrying pocket-sized essentials and work documents. Their slim silhouette makes them extremely practical especially if you travel a lot during the course of the day and you do not like carrying large bags. Due to their sleek and sophisticated nature, these bags are best paired with smart outfits such as slim fitting suits. When choosing a document holder, make sure that you select one that suits your style and personality best.


Wearing a hat can bring personality and life to an outfit by allowing you to express yourself further. One of the appealing hats available is the Baker Boy cap, which is shaped almost like a flat cap but has a fuller, rounder body. The Panama hat is also ideal and it pairs well with cotton chinos or shorts as well as linen blazers. It is the consummate holiday headwear.


Sunglasses are idea for the warmer months. Round frames and retro styles are the must-have pieces. These sophisticated sunglasses pair vintage tortoiseshell details with contemporary materials like acetate and titanium. They have an artisanal feel that was inspired by the iconic dresses worn in the 1950s in the U.S.A. The other appealing styles of sunglasses to look for include those whose frames are glazed with vibrant and solid hues. The timeless Clubmaster design of sunglasses is also popular. They are versatile and can effortlessly complement both casual and formal attire.


Ties are the everyday accessories that enhance a person’s appearance. Good examples of appealing ties are those which have Hawaiian and floral prints. They perfectly complement modern slim fit suits and light colored poplin shirts. Wool knit ties are also available and they are ideal for wearing during the winter months. (You can find some style tips for knitted ties here). Slightly formal and wider shaped ties are now more popular than narrower ties. Contemporary geometrical patterns and wide stripes work equally well beneath textured knitwear. They also match well with spread collar shirts and well tailored suits.


Besides being convenient items used to carry necessary belongings to and from college or work, bags have established themselves as key parts of any capsule wardrobe. There are many options of bags to choose from and one of them is the messenger bag. It is practical, but also very fashionable since there are many diverse styles of these bags, as you can see here. Backpacks are also ideal since they keep up with the modern hands free and multitasking lifestyle. They are ideal for the rigors of commuting daily. Another bag that is use for daily use is the Holdall. You can easily slot it into overhead compartments and car trunks. Many bags for men have detachable shoulder straps and interior zip pockets. They are practical and stylish.

Written by Alex Pejak