Elie Saab: a designer who never fails to impress me with every collection, every single year. 

Saab has been one of my absolute favorite designers ever since I started to pronounce the word 'fashion', he is a very inspiring role model for me when it comes to fashion & design, and it would be a great honor for me to - someday inshallah - meet him.

Beautiful lace and feminine embroidery is what distinguishes Elie Saab's work from others. He made lace appear in almost every collection he has ever produced or worked on. To be honest, I was expecting more lace and floral prints before I viewed his pre-fall collection this year, but was instantly amazed by the sudden twist that the designer decided to take for this collection, yet keeping his signature style and designs visible.

Overall, I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite looks from Elie Saab's pre-fall collection because I feel like the collection in general is very impressive, and would certainly make it as my favorite collection of the year - so far!

White was a very dominant color in this collection, which is probably why I really enjoyed looking through the collection (as the color white is one of my favorite colors). I find the designs presented by Elie Saab here very calm, yet exploding with femininity. Perhaps this is due to the detailed lace and floral embroidery.

The image shown above sums up my favorite white colored pieces from the collection, note that the accessories corresponding to the outfits are also a hit ;)

In contrast, the designer also included several 'dark' looks. I have stated previously that one of my favorite trends this year would be the dark glamour trend, and I believe that Saab managed to portray that trend through this collection by creating feminine pieces of clothing, with a dark twist. 

Fur was also a high light in this collection. For those of you who know me, you would know that I love fur (whether it is faux fur, or real fur). It looks very classy and chic, giving it a vintage feel. 

Of course an Elie Saab collection wouldn't be complete without the light 'salmon' pink shade of color implemented somehow within the collection. 

This pre-fall collection had several looks with this shade of pink, and the designer made such outfits very plain, giving the color all of the eye's focus.

Those were my favorite looks from the Elie Saab 2014 pre-fall collection, let me know which ones are yours in the comments below x

lots of love,