Wall sticker by http://www.cutitoutwallstickers.co.uk
Hello Beautiful people ;]
It's Friday: one of my favorite days of the week, because in my culture, Fridays are very spiritual and I find them the best day to get and feel inspired. Living in the Netherlands, Fridays also mean the beginning of another fabulous weekend! and this weekend I am so excited to be leaving to Italy (my very first time to visit Italy, so I am thrilled with excitement!)

One thing I have been struggling with when it comes to preparing for a vacation in Italy, is certainly packing outfits for Milan: one of the world's fashion capitals!

I am guilty of spending way too much time thinking and looking into possible fashionable outfits for Milan, simply because it is a fashion capital that I have been dreaming of visiting for such a long time now! It got me into thinking of something deeper: Do I really have to look good for the city Milan? or do I want to look good for myself since I have been dreaming of visiting Milan for such a long time?

Let me rephrase that again, to make it more clear for you: Is looking fashionable an expectation that comes from visiting Milan? or is it something I personally desire regardless where I am around the globe?

In the end, I came to the decision that being and looking beautiful is a form of individuality, and what I find beautiful could be the definition of ugly to another's eyes. Dressing up for Milan is barely an example of this issue, but in a large scale, this is a very big issue in the fashion industry. The thing is, I don't know what should be expected from me to wear in a fashion capital like Milan, and I never will. Thus, I decided to choose outfits based on my intuition and feelings. I want to be my very own kind of beautiful.

I find myself always affected by the general idea of beauty, forgetting what I personally define as beautiful. This is something that I really detest. I like to wear clothes that express my feelings, thoughts and personality! Unfortunately, I need to be reminded about this regularly so I could remember to stop following the crowd when it comes to my personal taste and style.

I have recently received a fabulous wall sticker from cutitoutwallstickers.co.uk with the quote "Be your own kind of beautiful" (shown in the image above), and I wake up to it ... reminding me to wake up the day with my very own idea of beautiful. I find it very useful to have something in my room, very personal, and very inspirational, so that I can never forget about what I believe in, especially when living in a world that really values beauty and fashion.

In the end, my main goal here is to promote individuality, and to embrace whatever makes you feel beautiful, and therefore look beautiful! 

with love,

Note that the wall sticker featured in this post was offered to me by cutitoutwallstickers.co.uk - an online store offering various wall stickers that are inspirational, personal and much more! I love their product, and I will be reviewing it very soon xo