White Shirts – A Must Have in Men’s Wardrobe

 When it comes to dressing, one thing that really stands out is simplicity. There are two such simple colors that have stood the test of time and have truly emerged as winners. Any guesses? Well, Blue and white are two such hues that majority of men prefer to have in their closet. No matter whether you have the best shirt brand in your closet and yet without these two shades, men’s shirt wardrobe is incomplete. In simple, these are must haves and are all time classics. Just imagine you want to buy a shirt and you realize that you neither have a good looking white shirt nor a blue shirt in your closet yet but you want to select only 1 shirt among them, then what would you choose? Below are some tips that will help you make a quick decision whether to buy a white or blue shirt.

Formal nature is quickly associated with white color. From time immemorial, white shirts are well known for any formal occasion, be it for executive meeting, office wear or even for a wedding reception. One of the simple reasons for white shirts being accepted for all the occasions lies in the fact that, during earlier years much before the invention of various color and their application on fabrics, the only color that was available was a white color and hence, white shirts are in use from time immemorial. The very fact that someone wore a white shirt meant that the person wearing them were either an aristocratic professional or a member of the royal family, since white shirts required careful maintenance and they were just affordable to men from upper strata of society. However, things have changed in the recent past and white shirts were well accepted in the corporate American environments too. Of course, white shirts were an instant hit among the investment bankers community, who preferred to wear dark colored suits, underneath them they wore white shirts just to make sure they emphasized the look and shade of the suits that they wore.

The best part of white shirts is that they can match easily with any another piece of garment, be it trousers, suits or casual blazers for that matter. No wonder, we often see men wearing white shirts with blue or black jeans and that’s perfectly well accepted in the fashion circuit too. Just like any other shirt color, white shirts come in a variety of fit including slim fit, regular fit, tailored fit and ultra slim fit too. If you are buying shirts online for the 1st time, then try buying white shirts in slim fit, made from oxford fabrics and you are sure to reap the rewards, every time you wear them.

Many apparel brands including Brooks Brothers, Gap, Thomas Pink and PeprisMine offer shirts in different shades of white. While buying white shirts make sure you considerable importance to the skin tone of the person wearing the white shirts. Men with brighter skin tones should re-consider their decision of buying pure white shirts, since white color tends to negate the vibrancy and will make men’s skin look vaguely sick. However, this will not even be a factor for consideration for men with regular or darker shaded skin tones, since white color in this case tends to add vibrancy and flamboyance to the person wearing them. Definitely, the effort to maintain a white shirt is tremendous and yet, it’s worth every penny’s worth you spend on it !