If you’re looking for a trainer that will elevate your status in the fashion world then it has to be something in-keeping with the times – it needs to combine sharp looks with a colourful design and above all else, it has to be cool. Trainers are an icon in the industry and everyone from high street retailers to upmarket boutiques are keen on showing off the latest designs because they know that the public will go mad for them.

Adidas are legends of the game and producing trainers that make you go ‘ooh’ is their specialty, which is exactly the reaction you get from their latest addition to their Originals collection: the Adidas Originals Tech Super Running White Deep Lake. Retro styles are very much in at the moment and these have a decidedly ‘80s feel to them – what with the white suede, pastel green and orange accents colour combination. The retro look is fast becoming the style of choice for the current generation as it offers a modern twist to a classic design, and so with these trainers they are enabling people to add a little bit of individuality to their look.

The Adidas Originals Tech Super Running White Deep Lake trainer is one of the coolest ‘retro’ looks in their entire collection and has a really youthful feel about it. This is a trainer that has fun at its heart and doesn’t take itself too seriously – everyone from celebrities to sporting figures proudly grace these designs on a daily-basis and are idolised by millions, who in-turn wear them. If you want to make a good impression then the type of shoe you choose to wear is the best way of telling someone what you’re about without having to shout about it.

Trainers have excelled in the fashion industry to such a point that they have become the footwear of choice among the masses. Adidas have paved the way for a generation in terms of youthfulness and splendour and their Tech Super trainer is the weapon of choice in their battle to become the head honcho at the trainer table.

I got mine online (here) @ Attic Clothing on sale! I almost paid full price at JD; it’s a good job I checked online first!

Written by Paul James