Denim Trends For Expanding Your Wardrobe for Spring 2014

For as long as I can remember, denim jeans have been a real staple piece in my wardrobe. So what’s new you ask? Well, designers from across the globe have gone denim crazy and applied the sturdy fabric to everything from socks and ties (crazy I know), to waistcoats and suit jackets. So let’s see how you can work other denim pieces into your wardrobe this spring/summer.


Gilets are fun to wear and have an easy way to show off your individuality. Raw , frayed edged sleeves and pockets are still giving a real 80’s vibe. The great thing about gilets are that they can quite easily be styled differently each and every time. You might want to wear it with a long sleeved plaid shirt for that rugged look or you could grunge it up with your favourite band Tee for that individual look

Contrasting collars & pockets

I’ve seen everything from leopard print and silk, to corduroy and florals. Contrasting is huge! Look out for classic denim jackets with different shaded collars and pockets or shirts denim shirts with bold floral cuffs. Tapping in to the 80’s era again were boxy, heavily washed denim jackets with exposed inner pockets.

Double Denim is a big DO!!

No longer is it considered ‘uncool’ to rock up head to toe in denim, in fact, It’s become pretty darn stylish. Don’t worry about your colours and textures matching, the more clashing the better. I saw a lot of layered denim too. Vintage denim jeans and indigo gilets, finished off with stonewash and tie-dye jackets. Throw in a bit of colour from your shirt or T shirt, apply oozes of confidence and you’ve achieved an amazing one off look here.

White denim

You couldn’t, could you? We all know it’s not the colour choice of the faint hearted and definitely not an easy thing to just throw on, but give it a go, as when worn right can look slick, crisp, and well…..HOT!!! So, let’s say you go for a good pair of white denim jeans (which look best worn in a slim fit), team with a dark blue denim shirt for that sleek formal look which is just that little bit beyond the norm, or if you want to get super trendy this coming season, then pair with a tie-die shirt or Tee for a more relaxed doo! If you find your footwear to be a problem then I’d go for something like beige/stone coloured suede shoes.

Western style shirts- with a twist

At Etro, the traditional cowboy shirt was given a new spin by incorporating their signature paisley print into the classic design, which I loved! Probably my most fave look of the season. Dark indigo on washed denim, made even more interesting with splashes of embellishment. Teamed with pastel blues, yellows and pinks. Tan leather and western boots. FAB!

Written by Tariq, a writer for Fit Fashion, an online retailer specialising in mens fashion. Tariq is a Levis enthusiast and in his spare time enjoys watching Formula 1, Football and socialising with friends.