High quality 6 pieces makeup brush set - Fay brush
I was sent a packet of brushes manufactured by a Chinese make-up brushes manufacturer called 'Fay brush' - a company that makes make-up brushes for known cosmetic brands. I received the sample brushes approximately two weeks ago and they consisted of 6 basic make-up brushes kit (shown in the above photograph, which I will be reviewing today), as well as a small kabuki brush.

Initially, I was impressed by the packaging and the size of the package that holds the brushes in place, as it is ideal for travelling and fits perfectly and lightly in my purse. The color of the packaging is also very glamorous (Silver: one of my favorite colors)! 

Inside the package, it is possible to place the brushes in the order of size (angled liner brush being the smallest, and a basic powder brush being the largest)

The inside also allows you an extra small storage space for perhaps a sponge or any other small make-up tool that you would like to have close to this kit of basic go-to brushes.

One thing I noticed and I was incredibly impressed by was the fact tat Fay Brush labelled each brush according to the purpose of application, making this kit fit for new make-up users who are not very familiar with basic make-up tools. The brushes were labelled as follows:

From right to left: Brow, Lip, Smokey eye, Angle eye shadow, Foundation, Powder.

In this case, foundation refers to liquid face products. I also use the powder brush for blush and it works perfectly well, I also find it good for applying bronzer. Each of the brushes is able to be multi-purposed and used for various jobs.

In the end, I would strongly recommend this kit for the following reasons:

1) The quality of the brushes is impressive, extremely soft and provides good quality application of makeup (for a very cheap price!)

2) The size of the packaging and the outer appearance of it looks great (and feels great too!)

3) The kit provides all the basic brushes that I would recommend to beginners (Click here to read through my Makeup basics guide - brushes for beginners edition!)

4) This kit is available (along with other products by Fay Brush) for sale in wholesale, so it is ideal for make-up and cosmetics businesses

Although I am extremely impressed with this brushes kit, I do think that if the brushes were a litter larger in size (i.e. longer), it would be better for application. Other than that, I think it's a great kit that I would certainly spend my money on.

lots of love,