Hello beautiful people!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend so far :], I have a few tips and exciting news to share with all my male readers who like to dress 'smart' today. I stumbled upon a very interesting new collection of business attire - mainly ties & shirts - that is destined for spring 2014. 

For It is known that it is very important to dress formally and suitably to give a good impression when making business deals, conferences, and business trips that will likely gain you an opportunity when it comes to your professional career. Since albalsamlife.com focuses on fashion/beauty, I have been wanting to write a guide on how to dress for business for a very long time now. Finally I have the chance to provide all the tips that I have in my mind!

One of my all time favorite colors for suits/business attire is navy. Navy goes a really long way when it comes to dressing up for work, especially for the gentlemen! Pairing up a full navy suit with a white shirt/vest incredibly gives the double S (smart and sexy). 

A very pale blue shirt (like the one below by Paul Fredrick - a menswear brand founded over 25 years ago, specializing in dress shirts and men's business attire) also matches perfectly with a Navy suit.
One fundamental item that every man should own in his working clothes kit is the all white (super white) shirt, that can be worn in so many different ways! For this upcoming year's spring/summer it can be seen from paris fashion week for menswear that florals and patterned items of clothing will make a debute to the gentleman's wardrobe! Paul Fredrick's newly launched spring 2014 collection for men or ties and shirts featured several items with such specifications. The brand is offering ties with gorgeous floral prints, stripes (If you read my recent new year's fashion resolutions post, you would know that stripes are one of the trends that I really would like to see more of this year!) and many other patterns!

The highlight of this new collection is the colorful and patterned tie that fits for the spring/summer atmosphere. I believe that the tie is one of the highest essential items that all men should include in their work attire. Get a good tie, and you are set to go. If you are interested in purchasing one of the ties by Paul Fredrick, you can take a look at them by clicking here.

Nothing looks chicer than silk when it comes to ties - in my opinion! Paul Fredrick's new spring 2014 collection features ties made with silk

Other tips that I would personally consider giving all my readers when it comes to dressing up for business is: comfort!

Comfortable shoes, accessories and clothing is a necessity when it comes to dressing up for business. You should be able to move, sit comfortable, and be in such attire for a long time, so think twice about your comfort when choosing what to wear to work! Picking the suitable bag is also important, make sure it is big enough to carry all your work requirements, yet sleek and chic enough for you to be able to carry it around and look good with it!

As for spring business fashion, you should keep it format, but add a twist of spring colors to it. Floral prints go to a whole new level, so make sure you interpret it in your business attire - most like in your tie to catch the eyes ;) ... another thing is trying to work some colored shirts (although the basic white shirt is my all time favorite, I can't help but fan-girl over a guy with a chic colored shirt). 

In the end, don't forget to add some casual items to your work place, this can be done during spring simply by adding a 'fun' item to your outift

The tie shown above certainly creates a 'fun' outfit as it is a floral textured silk tie that speaks spring! 

Let me know what your favorite work fashion items are!

lots of love,

note that all items featured in this post are by Paul Fredrick - 2014 spring collection - that was launched earlier this week.